Guy Shares How Much He Saved In A Year By Taking Out RM1 And RM5 Every Day

"Enough to buy a high-end smartphone."

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Have you ever tried saving the loose change you end up with and see how much you can save in — let's say — a week or a month?

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Well, one Malaysian tried and took it to the next level

He managed to save up RM3,900 by taking out RM1s and RM5s from his wallet and putting them aside at the end of every day since 1 January 2017.

This habit of putting aside small change to save up for the whole year is something Joe Najib practices every year. Joe, a socio-political commentator whose Facebook posts often gets shared across the platform by the over 20K Malaysians who follow him, had posted about the practice on his profile earlier this month.

"Those of you who've been following me for the past few years will know that this is my annual ritual. And some of you have successfully adopted this habit as well."

Now, RM3,900 may not sound like a lot of money at first

But if you think about it, RM3,900 will get you a brand new iPhone 8 and you will still have enough left to treat a couple of your friends to a fancy meal.

As Joe Najib pointed out in his Facebook post, "for some RM3,900 is a 10% downpayment for a small Perodua or Proton. It's also a full month salary for many."

"As for me, it's my year-end holiday funds, as usual," Joe added in his post.

Image via Joe Najib

If you can't do it for an entire year, try for a week or a month

"You'll be surprised how much you have at the end of every month for shopping, or the end of every week for a good meal out," Joe wrote in his post.

As it's the last day of 2017, let Joe's post about his ritual of saving money become a resolution for you to start doing the same for 2018

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