[VIDEO] Malaysians Show Us How They Mix Their Own Drinks Using Johnnie Walker Gold Label

3 different skill-levels, 3 different drinks.

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Johnnie Walker Gold Label recently launched a new cocktail called the 'Gold & Syiok', taking the whiskey we all love and adding some Malaysian flavour to it

The cocktail adds some Malaysian flair by featuring a variety of ingredients like pomelo and Calamansi Boh Tea. You can now try the 'Gold & Syiok' cocktail at a number of watering holes around KL.

We challenged 3 Malaysians to mix their own drinks using Johnnie Walker Gold Label, each with varying skill-levels. Watch what happened below:

We started off with Shaun at Level 1

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Shaun: "Nothing too fancy, just on the rocks."

Being a casual drinker, Shaun loves a simple whiskey - on the rocks. It's safe to say that most of us are at Level 1 as well!

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Shaun: "So, let me teach you how to make this ice. Step 1, add some water. Step 2, we close it. And now, we wait.."

Next, Wei Wen showed us something a little more complex at Level 2

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Wei Wen: "I like to regularly host parties, and when I do, I love to call myself the bartender of all of these events."

It's pretty clear that Wei Wen has a little more experience concocting her own drinks. Her unique mix consists of Johnnie Walker Gold Label mixed with clear apple juice, soda water, and a few apple slices. Kind of reminiscent of a high-ball, which is a mixture of whiskey and soda water. 

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Wei Wen: "We're going to take an apple and slice a few slices for the garnish."

Though a lot of people tend to view garnishes as an afterthought, they play a huge role in the way a drink tastes! Wei Wen obviously knows this, and with her thinly sliced apple garnish, her Johnnie Walker Gold & Apple will definitely taste super refreshing.

Lastly, Kazi, a professional mixologist, took us through Level 3

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Kazi: "I've been working at Hyde for 5 years. Today, I'm going to be doing Johnnie Walker Gold & Syiok Highball."

Of course, the professionals will always have a super tasty mix for us to try. Using a combination of Johnnie Walker Gold Label, nutmeg syrup, and Carbonated Calamansi Boh tea garnished with pomelo pulp and fresh pomelo skin, we have the Gold & Syiok Highball!

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Kazi: "Now I'm going to use Johnnie Walker Gold Label, nutmeg syrup, and finish it with carbonated calamansi Boh tea. And then, we lightly mix it."

There you have it! 3 unique drinks at 3 different skill-levels.

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If you want to give the Johnnie Walker Gold & Syiok Highball a try, head over to Hyde at 53M now!

You can also find it at these establishments:
º BarTailor
º Soma
º Locker & Loft
º Top Shelf3

Do you have your own cool way of mixing Johnnie Walker Gold Label? Let us know down in the comments!

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