If You Do These 14 Things, You're Probably An Amazing Kiasu Shopper

Apps, coupons, and loyalty cards... oh my!

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There are people who shop, and there are kiasu shoppers

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If you're an amazing kiasu shopper, you probably relate to these 14 things:

1. This is you...

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2. You always buy too much and feel like Santa giving away goodies to friends and family later

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3. You never feel paiseh to ask for a freebie ANYWHERE

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4. You remember the times and days to eat at specific restaurants to get the best set meals

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5. You own half a million loyalty cards to collect points and rewards

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6. Coupon books ain't never gonna go out of style for you!

7. There's no better feeling than watching the price go down every time a coupon is scanned

8. You have more than one app on your phone specifically for getting discount codes

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9. Your bargaining skills are legendary

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10. You're in hardcore Facebook groups that are dedicated to sharing insider tips and secrets on deals and promos

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11. You have an even more kiasu friend to help tag you in things they know you will like

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12. You're all over forums like Lowyat to stay updated on deals

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13. You look forward to promotional emails because they always have great deals

14. Bundle packs are the holy grail of shopping for you

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We salute you clever, money-saving, kiasu Malaysians!

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