[VIDEO] We Asked Kids What Malaysia's Future Looks Like And Got An Artist To Draw It Out

And this is what it looks like

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We asked kids to imagine what Malaysia's future would look like

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After all, they are going to be Malaysia's future generation. So, they probably should have a say in what our country's future is going to be, right?

And we got illustrator Beatrice Eugenie Ho to bring their imagination to life, and together this is what they came up with:

1. Instead of LRTs, we'll be boarding floating trains to work

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"I expect there to be floating trains."

2. If it's gonna rain, it might as well be nasi lemak and mee goreng

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"Instead of raining water, I'll make raining nasi lemak, raining mee goreng..."

3. We'll also have technology to bring extinct animals back to life

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"I hope to see things that are extinct come to life."

Sounds like an awesome Malaysia? Watch the full video below to find out what else kids envision for our future:

PETRONAS wishes all of you Selamat Hari Kebangsaan! Let us know what you think Malaysia's future should look like in the comments section.

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