KLIA Shows Support For Travelers With Autism With New Calm Room & Sensory Walls

The bright and colourful Sensory Walls are located all around the airport!

Cover image via Malaysia Airports & Convergence

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Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) recently introduced new facilities designed for travellers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

As travelling can be an overwhelming experience for differently-abled individuals, Malaysia Airports hopes to provide them with facilities and services for a more enjoyable journey.

In collaboration with the National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM) and the Autism Behavioral Centre (ABC), the airport launched The Butterfly Effect initiative earlier this year.

The Butterfly Effect is a set of facilities and services in KLIA created for passengers with hidden disabilities such as autism

The main feature of the initiative, The Calm Room, is newly located on Level 5 of the terminal.

The room hopes to be a safe haven to shield autistic travellers from outside noise and soothe them from the anxieties of being in an unfamiliar environment.

The space is colourful, brightly lit, and filled with many fun and sensory-stimulating activity stations to keep individuals calm and happily occupied.

Image via Convergence

Besides that, KLIA has also installed six Sensory Walls across the airport to provide more types of sensory support for them

The Sensory Walls are fun, interactive touch panels that can help individuals with autism calm down through different types of tactile, visual, and auditory play.

The large bright panels include anything from moving wheels to flipping blocks, and are all made of various textures.

Malaysia Airports has also introduced four panels in klia2.

To utilise the Butterfly Effect services and facilities, travellers are advised to register online three days prior to their flight

Upon arriving at KLIA, parents can then proceed to the Information Counter at Level 5 to pick up their Butterfly Kits, and are advised to bring their persons with disability (OKU) card or a letter from any hospital or clinic to confirm their learning disability.

The kit contains a Butterfly lanyard that will provide lanyard wearers and their guardians access to the Calm Room and more information about the location of the Sensory Walls.

Butterfly lanyard wearers and their families will also be readily given priority privileges and assistance from airport staff if required.

Here's where you can find the Calm Room:
Level 5, Main Terminal Building (behind Din by Din Tai Fung)

Here's where you can find the Sensory Walls:
- Level 1, Satellite Building (near Gate C1)
- Level 3, International Arrival, Main Terminal Building (Baggage Reclaim Area near Conveyor G)
- Level 3, Domestic Arrival, Main Terminal Building (Baggage Reclaim Area near Centre of Excellence)
- Level 3, Domestic Area, Contact Pier (towards B Wing)
- Level 5, Main Terminal Building (behind the Information Counter)

To register for a Butterfly Kit before your next visit to KLIA, click here for more information.

Let's keep hoping for more autism-friendly places in Malaysia:

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