How To Make The Most Out Of Your First Winter Holiday In A Place Like South Korea

Live your fairytale fantasies in the winter wonderland that is Korea.

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South Korea is known for its cold winter months typically between December to February. Although it can get pretty windy and dry, don't worry! It's nothing snug, warm clothes and warm hugs can't fix.

Winter in Korea is usually between December and February, with the average temperature in January, the coldest month, ranging between minus six degrees and three degrees Celsius. The days with the lowest temperatures in the winter usually occur in the middle and end of January.
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Korean winter is no joke! It's extremely cold, windy and dry. So make sure to pack lots of warm clothes and layer them over each other. Then wear the thickest, warmest winter jacket you can get your hands on over them! Don't forget the mobile-friendly gloves, ear muffs, scarves, etc. Seriously.

Plus, what it lacks in warmth during the brutal winter months, it makes up for in beautiful sceneries, fun activities, delicious food and so much more:

1. Ski, slide, slip and sled down the lush, white snowy mountains for a chilling good time

2. You can also opt to go for traditional ice-sledding the Korean way

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Typically seen in the winter race editions of Running Man, the traditional Korean sled is made of a small wooden board with metal blades attached to them. The rider kneels on top of the sled and propels himself along using pointed wooden sticks. All that’s left to do after that is to start racing with each other!

3. Let the beautiful lights at night transport you to a magical winter wonderland

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Gwangbokro-Street, Busan.

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4. Experience a wonderfully bizarre fishing trip that's like no other at the annual ice fishing festival

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Every year in the month of January, over a million people flock to the quiet town of Hwacheon to participate in the Sancheoneo Ice Festival. Each participant is given a fishing line, a plastic bag and a fishing zone pass.They are then required to find an open hole on the frozen river or cut themselves a new one. The catch is sancheoneo, a type of mountain trout, that lives in the icy cold water.
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5. Beat the winter blues and cosy up with some food for the Seoul like hot soup and stews

Manduguk, Korean dumplings soup.

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Budaejjigae, also known as "army base stew".

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Samgyetang, ginseng chicken soup.

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6. Dip yourself into a pool of blissful warmth in the snowy spas

Paradise Spa Dogo in Asan, South Chungcheong Province.

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Outdoor hot spring in Seorak Waterpia.

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Paradise Spa Dogo

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What could be more relaxing on a freezing day than dipping in a heated pool? Luckily, there are plenty of hot spring spas across Korea that you can retreat to and warm yourself. The bonus: the mineral-rich water of the country’s natural hot springs can help improve your health by boosting your circulation.

7. Get lost in the stunning, fairytale-like views hiking at the national parks

Mt. Deogyu National Park.

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Hiking might sound like a summer-only activity, but traversing one of Korea's mountains in the winter can be breathtaking. The skies are often clear & contrast beautifully with the snow-capped peaks.

Jirisan National Park.

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Sobaeksan National Park.

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8. Although you can never be as awesome as Kim Yuna, you can channel her energy when you're doing some outdoor ice skating

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9. Have a relaxing time and immerse in the local culture at a Korean bathhouse after a long day of sightseeing

In Korea, the Jjimjilbang-Korean Spa is a place where one can not only enjoy the spa, shower, and sauna but also sleep overnight at an affordable price. They are a popular getaway for Korean families, couples, and friends. You will also find many recreational facilities such as a snack bar, fitness club, PC bang, and noraebang
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Open 24 hours a day, jimjilbang have already become well known among foreign travelers as a clean and affordable place to stay overnight and relax after an intense day of sightseeing.

10. Catch your favourite K-Pop idols (while refrain from hyperventilating) in Christmas concerts

11. Treat yourself to some delicious local winter street food that will have you wanting more


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With the arrival of winter’s cold bite comes a variety of Korean winter snacks and foods. Savory and sweet winter street snacks like bungeoppang, hotteok, baked sweet potatoes, hoppang and more. Not only do they bring back childhood memories for Koreans, but they also help everyone forget about the chilly winter weather.

Bungeoppang on the left, hotteok on the right.

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12. Watch the magnificent first rise of the sun of the year at a Sunrise Festival

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South Korea differs from most of the world in the way they welcome the New Year. While most other countries ring in the New Year with midnight countdowns, fireworks displays or beach parties, South Koreans prefer to start the start the New Year by witnessing the first sunrise of a brand new year.

These “Sunrise Festivals”, as they are commonly called, happen all over the country with the highest concentration being in the mountains and hills around Seoul and on the various beaches along the east coast.
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What better way to put those neglected winter clothes to use, right? Or if you don't have any, it's shopping time!

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It's time to pause those KDramas and step into that world yourself. Why only daydream about them when you can create and live out your very own scenes!

Whether it's acting out your favourite KDrama scenes, making snow angels, or doing one of the things stated above, it's all possible. Get your flight tickets now HERE! You won't regret it. ;)

Can't get enough of the beauty of Korea? We can't either!