If You Think This Is A Football Field In PJ, You're Very, Very Wrong

It does look tempting to step on though.

Cover image via @sabyacc (TikTok)

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On 18 February, TikTok user @sabyaac posted a video of what seemed like a football field at first glance, but was actually a lake

Some things are truly not what they seem.

The lake, as discovered through the comments, seems to be located in Kelana Jaya. @sabyaac was seen walking along the plant-covered lake, making the body of water look like a large football field. She then proceeded to throw a piece of wood into the 'field', rippling the surface and proving that it is, in fact, not a field at all. The video has since garnered over one million views and over 170,000 likes.

"This is not a new football field, [those] who are jogging here, please be careful! Especially kids!" she wrote in the caption.

Watch the video here:

A TikTok user commented under the video, saying that the phenomenon is perhaps caused by a process called eutrophication

"This is eutrophication, [the] water [does] not get enough oxygen," the user wrote.

Eutrophication is the build-up of algae and plant growth over a stagnant surface of water, caused by the introduction of chemicals and excessive nutrients into bodies of water both by human activity and natural occurrences.

Eutrophication is harmful as it prevents oxygen from reaching below the surface, threatening marine life and deteriorating the quality of water. It may also poison the water, making it hazardous to humans, plants, and animals.

The plants blanketing the lake in the video are most probably water lettuce, an invasive water weed that spreads fast and forms dense mats over bodies of water.

Image via NSW WeedWise

Despite the joking manner of the video, Malaysians expressed concern over the lack of precautions around the lake, saying authorities should at least put up signs or a fence around it

Many comments jokingly said that the lake is a portal to another dimension.

One user wrote, "Legend has it that if you dive in, you'll enter a dimension [that will send you back] 100 years into the past."

However, a lot have shared their concerns, especially towards the lack signage or barriers encircling the lake, saying that children may be attracted to play on the large 'field' and unknowingly fall into the deep waters.

Fortunately, the creator of the video as well as another TikTok user have verified that the lake has since been cleared of the plants and looks like a lake once more.

Whether it's a football field or a beautiful lake, visitors are advised to always remain careful, especially if there are children around having fun.

Back in 2021, as an effort to protect the environment of the lake, authorities prohibited camping activities around Putrajaya Lake:

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