The Diamond-Shaped Patch On Your Backpack Has A Purpose You Probably Didn't Know About

It's not just a pointless add-on.

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Like that tiny pocket on your jeans, the leather diamond-shaped patch found on your Herschel Supply backpack is not just there for decorative purposes

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Many backpacks come with useful extra features, like hidden pockets, removable pouches, and key loops, but one you might not know that can be put to use is the diamond patch.

Called "lash tab" or "pig snout" (for obvious reasons), the leather patch with two slitted slots isn't just a cool decoration, but a way to hang extra gear on backpacks!

"Originally, it was designed to carry an ice axe. Backpackers would thread webbing through the slots, hang the axe from it, and secure it with a tension lock," said Jamie Cormack, co-founder of Herschel Supply, as quoted by TODAY.

Cormack doesn't expect his customers to utilise the patch, the ones on his bags are more of "a nod to the past, to pay homage to those old alpine bags that had these."

While nobody carries an ice axe around these days, the humble patch can be used to hold items that might not fit in your backpack like a pair of sneakers

Using cords and ropes, you could easily carry more stuff on it if you're short on luggage space. It's also a good way to avoid overweight baggage fees when you're travelling.

"What a hiker of climber would attach depends on what type of adventure they are on - could be a water bottle, could be climbing rope, could be almost anything," said Ann Daw, JanSport's vice president of marketing.

The next time you run out of space in your backpack, you should know what to do!

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