Learn How To Step Up In The Workplace With Lean In Malaysia's Career Accelerator Programme

Ladies, here's your chance to shine!

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For the past three years, Lean In Malaysia has done some pretty great work in empowering women in the workforce, particularly through its annual Lean In Career Programme (LICP)

Founded by Sarah Chen and Abir Abdul Rahim in 2015, Lean In Malaysia is an independently run women empowerment platform that's part of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's LeanIn Org network, a global community dedicated to helping women achieve their ambitions.

The organisation focuses on three pillars of Empowering, Enabling, and Educating women in Malaysia, all encompassed in the LICP, their career accelerator programme.

Returning for its third instalment, this year’s LICP introduces the Leadership Edition, which is targeted at female managers who are positioning themselves for a promotion or looking to take on greater responsibilities in the workplace

Targeted at women who have two to five years of managerial experience, LICP 3.0 will focus on advancing the agenda of getting more women into the boardroom by equipping middle managers early on in their careers with the tools, support system, and confidence to overcome challenges as well as to attain relevant skills for their leadership journey.

LICP 3.0 will be held over the course of nine weeks, starting from 25 August to 27 October 2018. The programme will cover three key components:

(i) Experiential learning workshops

(ii) One-on-one mentoring with industry leaders; and 

(iii) Networking opportunities with Lean In Malaysia's partner companies

Over the course of the programme, participants will get the opportunity to align their career goals and aspirations, learn how to deal with roadblocks they encounter at the workplace, build a support network for themselves, and gain leadership strategies to thrive in their career.

This year's list of mentors and trainers have yet to be released, but you can take a look at those from LICP 1.0 and LICP 2.0 on Lean In Malaysia's official website.

For a taste of what's in store, here's a brief look at the first ever Lean In Career Programme:

For a detailed schedule of the nine-week programme, head over to Lean In Malaysia's official website for more info. Interested parties should also sign up before the deadline on 15 July to secure a spot!

Do note that shortlisted candidates will be accepted on a rolling basis, so do apply early to avoid disappointment! 

You can also follow Lean In Malaysia on Facebook for the latest updates. 

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