Giant Is Telling Heartwarming Stories Of Malaysians Through Their National Day Campaign

Like how one customer met the love of his life there! <3

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Can you believe that Giant has been around for 74 years?

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This means that prior to our nation’s independence in 1957, Malaysians were already buying groceries from this beloved store. If you think about it, that's even before some of your grandparents were born!

The story of Giant began in 1944, when entrepreneur Teng Sek How opened a small grocery shop in Sentul Pasar

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As business picked up, the company expanded with a retail shop in 1960s, and eventually opened up Teng’s Mini Market Centre in Bangsar in 1974. Eight years later, the first Giant Supermarket began business in Kelana Jaya, and there’s been no looking back ever since.

Giant has been around for so long, it's no surprise that Malaysians have had all kinds of fun and memorable experiences here

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Like finding the love of your life in the most unexpected aisle.

So in their latest National Day campaign, ‘Little Giant Stories’, Giant asked Malaysians to share some of their fondest memories

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'Little Giant Stories' features heartwarming tales of Malaysians across the years. One Malaysian shares what it was like growing up and playing at Giant as a kid, while another opens up about his experience rising through the ranks from a cashier to a manager. One couple even tells of how they actually fell in love thanks to this hypermarket!

Watch Malaysians tell their 'Little Giant Stories' below:

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