11 Local IG Businesses Selling Minimalist & Fine Jewellery That Are Affordable & Cute

These timeless pieces are simply exquisite and 'must-haves' for your jewellery collection.

Cover image via @plentymy (Instagram) & @andfinethings (Instagram)

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Have you ever thought of incorporating minimalist jewellery in your OOTD without breaking the bank?

If you have, then you have come to the right place.

Minimalist jewellery are timeless pieces that anyone can put on to add a little shine to their everyday look. They can also complement other jewellery and pull a whole outfit together. 

To help you to achieve that, here are 11 local jewellers who sell fine and minimalist rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets on Instagram:

1. & Fine Things

As their name suggests, & Fine Things has a range of beautiful and fine jewellery. They describe themselves as a brand that carries "everyday classics with a modern twist".

If you are looking for dainty yet chic pieces of jewellery that are affordable, then you should definitely check this store out.

Price range: RM20 to RM30 per piece.

Delivery: Free shipping on orders over RM60 for West Malaysia and RM80 for East Malaysia.

Find them on Instagram.

2. EPOH Jewellery Official

EPOH Jewellery Official promotes affordable and quality jewellery. Some of their pieces, such as their ring set above, are tarnish free and anti-rust. In other words, you can wash your hands and wear them in the shower without the worry of them ever losing their sparkle or colour!

Another feature is that some of their pieces are also made of hypoallergenic material. It is unlikely that they will cause any irritation to your skin.

Price rangeRM5 to RM35 per piece.

Delivery: Free shipping on orders over RM100 for West Malaysia.

Find them on Instagram.


GLOWSSORIES started operating in February this year and is already picking up quite a number of fans. 

They carry some exquisite and essential pieces, such as hoop earrings and cute rings. However, it is the dainty chain earrings that really caught our attention.

Price range: RM10 to RM15 per piece.

Delivery: Postage costs RM8 for West Malaysia and RM12 for East Malaysia. Free postage on orders above RM50 for West Malaysia and RM80 for East Malaysia.

Find them on Instagram.

4. has jewellery that are easy to style for your everyday look. Their earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are aesthetic and classic.

According to their website, they sell affordable and high quality jewellery inspired by the latest trends. Some of their bestsellers are their variety of hoop earrings.

Price range: RM15 to RM25 per piece.

Delivery: Ships within Malaysia and Singapore.

Find them on Instagram.

5. Finest Flair

Based in Melaka, Finest Flair has a variety of dainty and intricately beautiful pieces made from different types of metals.

Some of their bracelets and anklets, such as the ones above, are stainless steel. Their chains are made of 100% 925 sterling silver and are great for everyday wear. Look no further if you want something that is pretty, affordable, and has good quality.

Price range: RM25 to RM72 per piece.

Delivery: Postage costs RM9 for West Malaysia and RM13 for East Malaysia. Free shipping on orders above RM100 for West Malaysia and RM120 for East Malaysia.

Find them on Instagram.

6. Plenty Jewellery

When we think of minimalist jewellery that are locally made and have an affordable price range, Plenty Jewellery often comes to mind. They sell demi-fine jewellery at reasonable prices.

The Amy Chain Bracelet in the photo above is handmade with 18k gold plated stainless steel and is from their first chain jewellery series. It has been a customer favourite ever since. Another selling point is that they deliver their jewellery in sustainable packaging.

Price range: RM10 to RM45 per piece.

Delivery: Ships worldwide.

Find them on Instagram.


Jewellery from LUCCACAL is best for those who seek a modern minimalist look. Their pieces are waterproof and hypoallergenic. 

They constantly update their followers with new options that feature new styles on their Instagram page. The latest jewellery include little gems like blue tiger's eyes that is said to ease anxiety. This Kedah-based business definitely encourages people to not only look their best but also feel their best while wearing their jewellery.

Price range: RM29 to RM59 per piece.

Delivery: Ships worldwide.

Find them on Instagram.

8. 1000earring

If you are looking for earrings with unique designs, 1000earring is the place for you. As alluded by its name, they specialise in a wide range of earrings. Their latest bestseller is an earring that is worn by wrapping it around your earlobe instead of just clipping or hanging it.

Other than promoting premium yet affordable earrings, they also share information on which earrings are best to sleep in, and symptoms of metal allergy and how to avoid such symptoms on their Instagram page.

Price range: RM 29.90 to RM119.90 per piece.

Delivery: Within Malaysia.

Find them on Instagram.

9. el-jo studio

With the motto "Styles you'll want to keep", el-jo studio is definitely a shop you'll want to check out. Their designs never run out of style and perfect for every occasion. Although they are slightly pricier, these pieces are made to last for a long time.

One of their bestsellers is the layering hoops earrings and it definitely is another take on the classic yet casual hoops. They have a range of pieces that will add a subtle bling in your everyday outfit. While they might look plain, they are actually statement pieces, such as the ring in the photo above, because they use simple shapes to create a touch of elaborateness.

Price range: RM39 to RM129 per piece.

Delivery: Within Malaysia.

Find them on Instagram.

10. Minimalist Lab

Minimalist Lab has jewellery that are good for both men and women. Their pieces are best described as basic, slick, and chic.

Although they cost slightly more, their jewellery is definitely an aesthetic that pleases and matches everyone. Minimalist Lab has outlets in Pavilion KL and Mid Valley. However, you can still check out their collection on Instagram.

Price range: RM59 to RM208 per piece.

Delivery: Within Malaysia.

Find them on Instagram.

11. MyJN

MyJN is one of the most sought after online stores that sell modern minimalist demi-fine and contemporary pieces. Their jewellery are chic and timeless with a little modern vibe.

Although their prices range around RM100 to RM200, these pieces are worth every single penny as they can be kept for a long time and worn for all seasons.

Price range: RM119 to RM199 per piece.

Delivery: Within Malaysia.

Find them on Instagram.

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