KLFW 2023: Powerful Malaysian Women Walk The Runway To Promote Inclusivity & Diversity

Presented by L'Oréal Paris, the "Walk Your Worth" campaign celebrates each unique individual's beauty, strength, and story.

Cover image via L'Oréal Paris (Provided to SAYS)

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For the first time ever, a diverse range of Malaysian women walked down the runway to celebrate diversity and inclusivity at the recent KL Fashion Week (KLFW 2023)

Held at the Boathouse along Jalan Ampang, L'Oréal Paris presented the "Walk Your Worth" campaign, in conjunction with KLFW 2023, to feature women of various backgrounds, celebrating each unique individual's beauty, strength, and story.

"More than just a tagline, 'Because You're Worth It' has become symbolic with empowering women, encouraging them to fearlessly embrace their ambitions and believe in their self-worth," L'Oréal Paris stated.

As each remarkable individual took centre stage, they reinforced the message of self-worth and empowerment

The campaign banded influential personalities, including national pride Farah Ann, innovative entrepreneur Dr Jezamine Lim, ethnic musician Belle Sisoski, and founder of the Vitiligo Association Malaysia, Sonya Charles, who walked for L'Oréal Paris.

National women's football captain Steffi Sidhu (left) and founder of the Vitiligo Association Malaysia, Sonya Charles.

Image via L'Oréal Paris (Provided to SAYS)

As part of the movement, former world champion squash player and Malaysian legend Datuk Nicol David shared her journey of embracing her worth and finding compassion within.

Meanwhile, Nalisa Amin is on a mission to redefine runway standards as a plus-size model, encouraging others to step up to their worth.

Nandini Balakrishnan, a passionate advocate towards celebrating authenticity, reminded that "It's okay to take up space because there is space for everyone".

Ethnic musician Belle Sisoski (left) and fitness and martial arts instructor, Faeznur Benny Farok.

Image via L'Oréal Paris (Provided to SAYS)

"Learn to embrace the struggles and keep pushing through, because you're worth it!" said national women's football captain Steffi Sidhu on conquering a male-dominating field, encouraging women to break barriers and conquer any challenges that come their way.

Former national gymnast Farah Ann (left) and doctor and entrepreneur, Dr Jezamine Lim.

Image via L'Oréal Paris (Provided to SAYS)

Inclusivity advocate Lavinia Abirami (left) and digital creator Nandini Balakrishnan.

Image via L'Oréal Paris (Provided to SAYS)

Through this event, L'Oréal Paris commits to inspiring women around the world, encouraging them to unapologetically show up confidently in every area of their lives

"It has always been our longstanding mission to inspire and encourage women from all walks of life to explore their voices and embrace self-worth through their unique identities.

"We are very honoured to be celebrating this movement that resonates deeply with Malaysians to walk their own paths authentically with pride," said Ankit Porwal, general manager of L'Oréal Malaysia and Singapore of Consumer Products Division.

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