This Adorable Bubble Tea Lamp Is The Perfect Gift For That Boba-Obsessed Friend

The store is based in Los Angeles, but ships to Malaysia.

Cover image via Smoko (Edited by SAYS)

If you feel like one cup of bubble tea a day is not enough to prove your Asian-ness, then this adorable lamp could be your badge of honour

Image via Smoko

The masterminds behind the 'Pearl Boba Tea Ambient Light' lamp are Los Angeles-based Smoko.

According to its website, Smoko - which is Australian slang for "a short break from the daily grind of work" - partners with designers from across the country to come up with similar 'un-boring' products for the home and office.

The ambient lamp stands at a height of 5" and comes with its own set of "pearls" inside

Image via Smoko
Image via Smoko

Though it should go without saying that you should not eat the pearls in this cup.

And if you're wondering: yes, they do ship to Malaysia!

Image via Smoko

The 'Pearl Boba Tea Ambient Light' retails for USD13 (approximately RM50).

However, if bubble tea isn't really your thing, then maybe these other Asian comfort foods could be right up your alley

Little B (middle) and Giant Dumpling (right).

Image via Smoko

Suki Sushi.

Image via Smoko

There's even a ramen version as well!

Tony Ramen.

Image via Smoko

You can find all of them on Smoko's website here

Need to get your bubble tea craving fixed? Check out some of these places:

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