IGOTW: Full-Time Mom @lovepaperplane Creates Digital Art Pieces With Stock And Raw Images

This week on IGOTW, we feature Kelly Tan, a full-time mother from Kedah who most will know her by her Instagram handle @lovepaperplane. Using her iPhone and iPad, she creates beautiful and compelling art pieces. Get to know her a little better while you scroll through some of her best pieces below!

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When the iPad and iPhone first launched, it was merely a consumption device

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To create art and designs, one would still need a full-fledged laptop or PC with apps like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The idea of creating art on a mobile devices seems pretty far fetched right?

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Well, the answer couldn't be more wrong! With the increasing amount of design apps available on iTunes and Google Playstore, mobile devices have moved on from being a consumption device to a tool for content and visual creation

Kelly Tan is a digital artist who uses her iPhone and iPad to create stunning and magical pieces using stock images that'll transport you to another world. The full-time mom from Kedah, who goes by the Insta handle @lovepaperplane was kind enough to chat with us over the weekend. Read on!

SAYS: Kelly, could you tell us a little bit about yourself? Who are you and what do you do?

Kelly: Hello, my name is Kelly! I’m a full-time mother and hobbyist artist from Kedah, Malaysia. I love art, design and drawing. I enjoy spending my free time taking photographs and creating digital artworks. I previously worked as a planning officer in the manufacturing industry and as a part-time photographer. About 3 years ago I decided to quit my job and became a full-time mother. My daughter was a premature baby and spent 2 months in the hospital. She needed extra care which as a mother I wanted to provide. These changes have given me a little time to spend on my hobby.

What's the story behind the name 'lovepaperplane'?

I love freedom, but total freedom is impossible - just like paper planes, we can fly freely but limited in movement. A paper plane is also a representation of my childhood, as I used to play them.

How did you find out and get involved in Instagram?

I got myself an Instagram account sometime in September 2011 when I had my very 1st iPhone and I started to post some random shots on my account. It was mostly shots of my daughter, food and scenery. Until mid of 2012, I started working on my iPhone digital artworks after I was inspired by one of my favourite Instagrammer/ artist (@qta3). Then in Aug 2012, I found another artist (@christianjsweet) who inspired me to use Artstudio to create digital artworks and photo-manipulations.

What is art to you? And how has a platform like Instagram changed it?

For me, art is the language of imagination. Each person perceives art differently, it all depends on their background, experience, life and personality. Instagram is like a gallery with no boundaries, it allows me to meet lots of creative and talented friends from around the world who inspire me. I've also had the opportunity of connecting with people from different countries.

Where do you find inspiration for your pieces?

I get inspiration from everywhere, mostly from daily life. It could be from watching cartoons or playing blocks with my daughter, reading storybooks and magazines, sleeping and dreaming. Sometimes a simple raw or stock image can inspire me, especially if it's an image of a child. I look up to many world famous artists as well, like Salvador Dali, Rob Gonsalves, Erik Johansson, Leszek Bujnowski, Martin Stranka, Sarolta Bán and Michael Vincent Manalo.

What is the process of creating an art piece?

Every piece of art must have an idea or inspiration before it can start. Firstly, be inspired. Secondly, collect or shoot the relevant images. I usually spend lots of time on looking through proper stock images that suit my ideas. Thirdly, put all the images together in Artstudio. Finally, make enhancements if necessary with Snapseed and PS Express.

What do you use to create your art pieces? And what are some of your favourite editing apps?

I use my iPhone and iPad to create my art pieces. As for apps, I use Artstudio (by Lucky Clan) for image compiling while Snapseed and PSExpress are used for editing purposes.

If there's one advice that you would give to an Instagrammer who aspires to be like you, what would it be?

Don't be afraid to create something 'weird'. Also, be passionate about your work, stay interested and always be eager to learn new stuff.

Who are some of your favorite Instagrammers?

Instagram Artists/Designers: @qta3, @nois7, @digital_editz, @merekdavis, @leesamantha, @pchyburrs.

Instagram Photographers: @wisslaren, @jasonmpeterson, @bobbimac, @huxsterized, @joez19.

One last question, what is one Malaysian food that you can't live without?

It has got to be nasi lemak because I can't live without rice and spicy food!

Kelly has over 40k followers on Instagram. She uploads photos throughout the week, with an average of 3k likes per post.

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