M'sian Bakat List #11: This Artist Will Draw A Portrait Of You With Coffee

Vivian Lee combined her love for coffee with caricature and the results are pretty darn amazing.

  • A caricature is a drawing of a person which exaggerates certain features but still retains the likeness of the individual. It's a fun and cheeky way of having yourself interpreted in the eyes of a caricature artist.

  • While most artists rely on ink and paint to sketch, local artist Vivian Lee decided to use something a little different to work her magic - coffee!

  • Started out as a hobby, the 27-year-old KL native worked as a graphic designer before switching to drawing caricature as a full time career

    • "I quit my stable job as a graphic designer because I decided it's time to pursue what I like. The stress that comes with it has also taken a toll on me," said Lee in an interview with magazine The Best of You.

      • A4f8 Image via Vivian Lees Art
        Lee posing for a photograph with a very satisfied customer
  • Lee uses coffee to draw because of its vintage effects and warm tones. Oh, it smells good too!

    • As a coffee lover herself, she often visits cafes with her friends and likes trying out different types of coffee. Many cafes have invited her to do coffee caricatures at their grand openings.

      As for her caricatures, she prefers using local coffee as it is more fragrant and long lasting.

  • The talented illustrator is a crowd favourite and there'll always be a queue of people waiting for their portraits to be done in coffee

  • Lee also does caricatures of animals, but she prefers drawing people because it's personal and she gets to enjoy their various face shapes and mannerisms

  • More awesome caricatures by the coffee artist:

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