M'sian Bakat List #8: This Hilarious Viner Will Make You ROTFL In No Time

Too funny, too funny.

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If you're active on social media, chances are you would have came across this hilarious vine

'Mak kau hitam!'

The Viner is none other than Luqmanul Hakim, better known by his online alias Luqman Podolski. He's freaking hilarious. Like, make you ROFTL kinda hilarious.

He has over 27 million loops on Vine.

Podolski has been making Vines since 2014. Most of his work involves him making fun of current trends and Malaysian quirks, like avoiding the prying eyes of exam invigilators...

'I see your EVERY move.'

... and how people swarm up to you after you collect your SPM result slip

Yeah, that's a slipper right there.

The hardest question you can ever ask a Malaysian...

Lunch, breakfast and dinner time woes.

Podolski has since moved on from Vine to Instagram. He currently has over 450K followers on Insta stalking him for hilarious videos.

kenapa masih lupa ? @adibalexx

A video posted by Luqs (@luqmanpodolski) on

ALWAYS use car indicators, guys.

The curse that's plaguing every movie theatre, radio station and TV channel. You've been warned...


A video posted by Luqs (@luqmanpodolski) on


So random, but so darn funny. Knock yourselves out, everyone.

A video posted by Luqs (@luqmanpodolski) on

bila bukak waze sambil main whatsapp #menyampuk #voicenote

A video posted by Luqs (@luqmanpodolski) on

A video posted by Luqs (@luqmanpodolski) on

For more hilarious short videos, make sure you follow Podolski on Instagram and Vine!

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