M'sian Bakat List #8: This Hilarious Viner Will Make You ROTFL In No Time

Too funny, too funny.

  • If you're active on social media, chances are you would have came across this hilarious vine

    • 'Mak kau hitam!'

  • The Viner is none other than Luqmanul Hakim, better known by his online alias Luqman Podolski. He's freaking hilarious. Like, make you ROFTL kinda hilarious.

    • He has over 27 million loops on Vine.

  • Podolski has been making Vines since 2014. Most of his work involves him making fun of current trends and Malaysian quirks, like avoiding the prying eyes of exam invigilators...

    • 'I see your EVERY move.'

  • ... and how people swarm up to you after you collect your SPM result slip

    • Yeah, that's a slipper right there.

  • The hardest question you can ever ask a Malaysian...

    • Lunch, breakfast and dinner time woes.

  • Podolski has since moved on from Vine to Instagram. He currently has over 450K followers on Insta stalking him for hilarious videos.

  • The curse that's plaguing every movie theatre, radio station and TV channel. You've been warned...

    • ..........

      A video posted by Luqs (@luqmanpodolski) on

    • BE BE BE BE BE.

  • So random, but so darn funny. Knock yourselves out, everyone.

  • For more hilarious short videos, make sure you follow Podolski on Instagram and Vine!

  • Do you have a talent that you're dying to show the world? Be it singing, dancing, filmmaking or anything that can make everyone go "WOW! THAT'S COOL", we want to feature YOU!

    • So, if you have something you would want to share with us, send them over to [email protected] or send us a message on Facebook. Don't be shy! :)

      Stay tuned for the next episode of Malaysian Bakat List!

  • Last week on Malaysian Bakat List, we featured Beat The System, the first Malaysian band to be signed by a US record label!

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