This Mat Rempit Finally Met The Kind Doctor Who Treated Him After A Road Accident

"Whatever that happened to me proves that there are many good people out there."

Cover image via Muhammad Aizuddin II/Facebook

When a young man got into an accident recently, he didn't expect for people to come to his aid because he's a mat rempit

Faizal Hasbullah Alimin was riding on a motorcycle along the Kuala Lumpur-Karak Expressway near Genting Sempah with his cousin Muhammad Aizuddin Mohd Sharif when the accident happened last week at about 11.35am.

They were heading towards Bentong from Hulu Langat when Faizal's motorcycle suddenly malfunctioned and caused the 20-year-old to fall and land in the middle of the road while the motorcycle skidded and crashed into a road divider.

Just when Faizal thought that most people would mind their own business, a few Good Samaritans appeared and came to offer him help.

"In my pain, I saw two vehicles stopped at the side of the road to help me. One of them immediately helped to direct traffic while another two people helped me with my injuries," he recalled.

According to Faizal, there were two other people whom he described as "Chinese women" and he suspected that one of them is a doctor.

A woman meticulously tended to his injuries and cleaned his wounds while they waited for the ambulance to arrive

She took the trouble to bring out her medical equipment and checked Faizal's pulse and breathing, then proceeded to correct the position of his twisted and broken arm.

Faizal's cousin, Muhammad Aizuddin shared the incident on social media, urging his cousin to find the doctor when he is well again.

"Although she knew that we're mat rempits, she still stopped to help us because she's a doctor," he said.

"I told her that she should go ahead and be where she needed to. But instead, she insisted that she will stay until the ambulance arrived."

He added that she was also the one who told him to get some sweets and give them to Faizal so that his cousin would not suffer from low sugar level.

"Thank you for your willingness in helping me even when there are no blood ties between us and we're of a different race."

Following the accident, Faizal was rushed to Hospital Bentong before he was transferred to Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) the next day.

"People usually think of motorcyclists as mat rempits, but when I saw the woman's determination in helping me, I don't see any hints of prejudice."

"If I can, I want to meet the doctor and say thank you to her," he told Harian Metro.

A few days have passed since that fateful incident when suddenly a stranger came to the hospital to look for Faizal. It was the doctor who came to visit.

It was learned that the doctor, identified as Dr Koh Siew Ling who hails from Sandakan, Sabah, came to know about Faizal and went to visit him at Hospital Kuala Lumpur after she read the viral post by Muhammad Aizuddin on the Internet.

"I was surprised when a lady suddenly approached me. But as she came closer I realised that she was the doctor who helped me after my accident," Faizal said.

During her visit to the hospital, Koh left Faizal some advice to minimise his movements and to take care of his diet. She also reminded him to stop smoking.

Faizal was very touched by how caring Koh is, and he didn't expect them to meet again.

"Alhamdulillah my wish has been fulfilled. Whatever that happened to me proves that there are many good people out there. Perhaps there is a silver lining that my story has gone viral on social media," he said.

Koh said that the experience was definitely not something that she had anticipated, but she is extremely humbled that many people have been inspired by her simple act of kindness

"Never did I expect that a small act of kindness would generate such publicity in the media. I am humbled and grateful for the compliments shown by everyone."

"I would have done it again without hesitation if similar situations come by. Lastly, I wish Faizal a speedy recovery and I hope that this incident can add a little bit more kindness and helpfulness in every one of us to make this world a better one to live in," Koh wrote on her Facebook page, as reported by NST Online.

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