"The Door's Latch Came Off" — M'sians Share Their Funny, Embarrassing Toilet Stories

It's funny till it happens to you. :')

Cover image via Sung Jin Cho (Unsplash) & Аlex Ugolkov (Pexels)

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Have you ever had a funny or embarrassing toilet encounter?

In partnership with Mr Muscle, we asked Malaysians to share their funniest toilet stories. Here are some of the best ones:

1. "I thought some girl walked into the boys toilet by accident, but it was actually me in the wrong toilet"

"I remember struggling to stay awake during class in uni, so I went to the toilet to pee and freshen up. Usually, the male toilets are on the left side, so I just instinctively went in without looking.

"Still groggy, I went into a cubicle to pee. Then, as I came out to wash my hands, I noticed a girl walking in with a confused look on her face.

"I shrugged it off and walked out... Only to realise a few minutes later, there weren't any urinals in the toilet I was in. Whoops!"

- Jim, 27 years old

2. "I was left with a comically long stream of toilet paper in hand"

"So, I was gearing up for a much-needed bathroom break and decided to grab some toilet paper beforehand because, you know, proactive dry-toilet strategy.

"But, the toilet paper (located outside the stall) decided not to cooperate, refusing to tear properly. As I tugged and tugged to no avail, I ended up holding this absurdly long strip of toilet paper. Suddenly, someone walked in and casually took the stall I had my eye on. 

"I was left there standing defeated, with a comically oversized roll of toilet paper in hand"

- Alia, 28 years old

3. "The bathroom door's latch failed on me, and I almost died of embarrassment"

"This one time, we were on a road trip to balik kampung for the holidays. We were stuck in traffic for almost four hours, so I told my parents that I had to go pee. Luckily, there was a petrol station nearby, so after 30 minutes, we stopped there.

"I quickly ran to the toilet, but there was only one unoccupied stall that was super dirty. The walls were icky, the floor grout was slimey, and the toilet bowl had dark brown stains that hadn't been cleaned in ages, but I really needed to go.

"I locked the door behind me and laid a bunch of tissues on the seat before peeing. Just as I was sighing in relief, the door swung open and the latch on the door flew off. I screamed and a girl, around 10 years old, saw me on the loo. 

"She got scared and ran off, leaving the door full open, and some ladies who were in the toilet washing their hands saw me from the mirror. They were sniggering, and I immediately shut the door. I stayed in there for like ages 'cause I was too embarrassed to walk out."

- Ika, 23 years old

While funny, embarrassing toilet encounters can be something we joke about and laugh off, what's not funny is having to use toilets that are dirty, stained, and smelly

And, although we may not have control over the cleanliness of public toilets, one thing we can do is ensure that our toilets at home are spotless. 

Since we'll be hosting friends and family for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations, it's even more important to have a pristine toilet so that our guests feel comfortable and welcomed.

If you're looking for ways to keep your toilet clean and fresh after every use, especially during CNY, check out Mr Muscle's effective home cleaning products!

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Mr Muscle's cleaning products are your trusted sidekick that'll make cleaning a breeze. 

This Chinese New Year, their products will ease and help you maintain a spotless and welcoming environment for your guests as you celebrate the joyous occasion. Not forgetting, a clean, bright home attracts good Feng Shui energy too!

With just four simple steps, you can achieve this for your toilet! 

Not sure where to start? As you prepare your home for the upcoming CNY celebrations, you can follow four simple steps to clean your toilets:

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STEP THREE: Mr Muscle Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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STEP FOUR: Mr Muscle Fresh Discs

Keep your toilet fresh by stamping this cute flower on your toilet bowl. One stamp can last up to one week, ensuring your toilet smells fresh. Every time you flush, it activates a protective shield around the bowl that helps repel limescale.

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