You Have To Try These 8 Magical Snacks At Tokyo Disney Resort

*spends all our money on food*

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From fantastical parades to thrilling themed attractions, Tokyo Disneyland magically curates exciting experiences for your whole family!

But the magic doesn't stop there, a food trip around the park will bring you to hidden culinary troves of whimsical treats that are unique to this kingdom of magic.

You'll stumble upon plenty of yummy Disney character-shaped sweet and savoury snacks to enjoy while you explore the wonders of the park and attractions.

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Check out the 8 most magical snacks at Disney Tokyo Resort below:

1. Various character-themed mochi dumplings

From the Little Green Men of 'Toy Story' to Olaf of 'Frozen', the various character-themed mochi dumplings you'll come across are seriously too adorable to eat!

The Little Green Men come in more traditional flavours of chocolate, strawberry, and custard. Meanwhile, Olaf flavours include coconut cream, white chocolate cream and cheese, and summer orange cream filling.

Psst, look out for the seasonal specials too! Some past notable ones include Scrump, Lilo's homemade doll, as well as Darth Vader and Stormtroopers!

Available at:
- Pan Galactic Pizza Port at Tokyo Disneyland and near Toy Story Mania at Tokyo DisneySea (Little Green Men)
- Sweet Cafè, Grandma Sarah’s Kitchen Plaza Restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland (Olaf)

2. Mike Wazowski melonpan

Melonpan a.k.a melon bread is a popular traditional Japanese snack. Its light melon flavour gives it just the right level of sweetness, making it perfect for a quick breakfast. The Tokyo Disneyland version has all of the elements that make a good melonpan, but with a delightful twist that 'Monsters, Inc.' fans will love.

Available at: Sweetheart Café at Tokyo Disneyland

3. Savoury popcorn

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If you prefer savoury to sweet, you're probably bored of the few common savoury popcorn flavours we have here. But at Tokyo Disneyland, you can chow down to your heart's content on unique flavoured popcorn like soy sauce, barbecue, and curry.

Or you can choose to play it safe with some yummy sweet flavours like caramel, honey, milk chocolate, and milk tea. The best part is that the cute character buckets are usually refillable, so you can have as much as you want!

Available at: Various stalls throughout Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea.

4. Mickey Mouse-shaped eggs

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Ummm... HOW?! We seriously have no idea how they managed to make the egg yolk shaped like Mickey Mouse, guess that's just the magic of Disneyland ;) Enjoy it with a filling lunch of classic Japanese favourites like a beef and rice bowl, or a serving of Japanese-style curry and rice.

Available at: Plasma Ray's Diner or Plaza Restaurant at Tokyo Disneyland.

5. Sea salt ice cream monaka

Monaka is a traditional Japanese sweet made of azuki bean jam filling sandwiched between two thin crisp wafers made from mochi. This one is lightly salted vanilla ice cream and sweet jam sandwiched between two pink shell-shaped wafers.

Available at: Ice cream stands throughout Tokyo DisneySea

6. Mickey Mouse glove sandwich

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Take a bite out of Mickey Mouse's iconic white gloves, in a form of a teriyaki fried chicken sandwich! This yummy quirky sandwich is made from 2 pieces of glove-shaped buns holding a piece of juicy teriyaki chicken drizzled with teriyaki sauce and topped with some fresh green lettuce.

To give it its iconic Mickey Mouse glove signature look, three stripes are specially chargrilled onto each of the soft and fluffy white buns.  

Available at:
Plaza Restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland

7. Pizza spring roll

Image via Trip Advisor

Leave it to Tokyo Disney Resort to come up with this genius mash-up of classic Italian flavours with a favourite Asian street snack. Perfect to keep you warm and full on a chilly day, these Pizza spring rolls are generously filled with mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, and pepperoni slices enveloped in a golden fried crunchy outer shell.

Pizza not your thing? You can also get these spring rolls with Egg & Shrimp filling that's equally as delicious and tantalising. 

Available at: Mickey's Trailer in ToonTown at Tokyo Disneyland

8. Ursula and Donald Duck ukiwa buns

Image via airfrov
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A favourite snack in Disney Resort, this steamed bun is funnily made to look like Donald Duck's life preserver! As delicious as it is humorous, this comfort food will keep you full with its savoury shrimp, pork, and veggie stuffing. 

As a Halloween special, enjoy their special Ursula-inspired version of this pastry, that's coloured black and purple, and filled with spicy pork and shrimp filling instead.

Available at: Seaside Snack at Tokyo DisneySea

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