You Should Totally Experience This Interactive Pop-Up Art And Technology Exhibition In PJ

It's the first in Malaysia!

Cover image via Mah Sing Group

The 'Arts and Lights' exhibition in Icon City combines art with technology, and is an experience unlike any other!

Malaysia’s first pop-up arts and technology exhibition is hosted by Mah Sing Group, and is super Insta-worthy

The 30,000 sq ft space in Icon City, located off the LDP, has transformed into interactive props, creative installations, colourful rooms, and immersive environments.

Here's a sneak peek of the 12 amazing installations you have to experience:

1. Vista Interactive Wall
Design your own space ship, scan your creation, and watch it come to life in animated form at the huge Vista Interactive Wall.

2. Planet Vertica
From the largest suns to the most distant planets, lose yourself in a galaxy of shimmering luminous stars

3. Galaxy of Centura
Surround yourself with giant inflatables that burst into a potpourri of colours and sounds when you tap them.

Image via Mah Sing Group

4. D’sara Music and Lights
Unlock the hidden secret notes behind each step as you make music with your feet.

5. Southville Space Party

In space where the closest cities are thousands of miles away – what else is there to do but to free your mind and let go of your worries and party the night away.

6. Dimension Room

Ever wondered what life would be like in another dimension? This room transforms dreams into reality!

Image via Mah Sing Group

7. Flying Over Meridin East
Get whisked away by aliens to for an experience of a lifetime as you escape from Earth to a land far, far away.

8. Anti-Gravity
In the galactic gravity room, what goes up, stays up and the only thing going down is the drop of the bass.

9. Lakeville Rolling Comets
Shake, rattle and roll. Bounce off giant coloured balloons and have a ball of a time no matter whether you’re young or old.

Image via Mah Sing Group

10. Aruna in the Sky
Immerse yourself in the ephemeral moment between dusk and night, and darkness and light. Where clouds sway gently in the sky and the moon shines ever so bright.

11. Moons of Meridin
Sometimes you just have to let it ‘hang’. Allow time to slow to a crawl as you loosely swing to the tempo of bliss and relaxation.

12. Digi Wishing Tree

Make a wish upon a thousand ribbons right here at the Arts and Lights Wishing tree. For times when a shooting star is just not enough.

Watch this video for a taste of what to expect at 'Arts and Lights' in Icon City:

Free Entry @ Icon City PJ from 19 Nov – 24 Dec 2017

An Instagrammable interactive pop-up art experience! Lose yourself in a room of space party, talk to oversized floating clouds and bounce off giant coloured balls. Start the magic #LitByMahSing Free admission, get your ticket at

Posted by Mah Sing Group on Monday, 4 December 2017

Take note of the details below so you don't miss out!

Date: Saturday and Sunday, from now until 24 December 2017
Time: 12pm - 9pm
Location: Icon City

Admission is free! However, you must reserve a ticket in advance as there are a limited number of entries a day. Get your free ticket here!

Image via Mah Sing Group

Find out more about 'Art and Light' at Icon City here!

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