High-Flyer: Malaysia Airlines Ranked 26th Best Commercial Airline In The World

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Cover image via One World & Bounce

The 2022 Airline Index by luggage company Bounce has ranked Malaysia Airlines as the 26th best airline out of 50 others, beating British Airways by a hair

Malaysia Airlines scored 83.98% for on-time arrival rate, with only an 8.01% chance of cancellation, as well as 3/5 for meals, in-flight entertainment, seat comfort, and staff service.

Analysis was conducted by comparing 62 of the biggest airlines in the world based on their on-time arrival rate, cancellation records, customer ratings, and free luggage allowance. However, only 50 airlines of the 62 made it onto the list.

Image via Bounce
Image via Bounce

Flying high at the very top of the list is Singapore Airlines

Malaysia's neighbour recorded one of the lowest cancellation rates over the last year, at just 0.19%. 

Paired with a reliable on-time arrival rate of 86.04%, Singapore Airlines is also one of the only airlines on the list to record 4/5 or above across all four categories, such as: in-flight entertainment, meals, seat comfort, and staff service.

Comparatively, Indonesian-based airline Lion Air sits at the bottom of the list

It touts a disappointing 42.27% on-time arrival rate alongside a shocking 34.43% cancellation rate, which, for context, means one-third of their flights had been cancelled over the year 2021.

The airline scored a mere 1/5 on meals and in-flight entertainment, and 2/5 on staff service and seat comfort.

Image via Skytrax

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