[PHOTOS] Malaysia's First Ever Corgi Race Will Have You Aww-ing Non-Stop

Watch these canines compete to emerge as Malaysia's fastest corgi.

Cover image via Malaysia Corgi Club

Last Sunday, the Malaysia Corgi Club held their first ever Corgi Race...

... with Corgis running to their heart's content to reach their owners at the finish line. Watch them in action:

As expected, most of the dogs were having too much fun to worry about running in a straight line.

The race was held in celebration of the Malaysia Corgi Club's 5th year anniversary.

A total of 62 corgis had attended the special day.

The dogs were also decked in cute costumes!

Spot Harry Potter, Dr Strange and Harley Quinn!

'Spiderman' made an appearance too!

Image via Malaysia Corgi Club

And in the end, three canines emerged as champions

Meeyo, Niji and Bobby were the fastest runners of the day, placing first, second and third respectively.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are a breed of dogs originating from Pembrokeshire, Wales

They are an energetic, intelligent and family-friendly breed whose cute pictures often take social media by storm.

They are also small and stout dogs who are known for their love of food. For this reason, obesity is a common health problem among the breed. The Malaysia Corgi Club advises corgi owners to exercise their pups with regular walk or play sessions.

The Malaysia Corgi Club was founded in 2012 by three Malaysian corgi lovers

The club is meant for fellow Malaysian corgi owners to gather and share their happy corgi experiences. They also organise charity events to help out private animal shelters.

The club has now accumulated 500 members and is continuing to grow.

All in all, they consider their first Corgi Race a success. It might even be an annual race from now on!

So if you have your own corgi at home, make sure you get them prepared!

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