26 Local Artists Selling Cute Stickers For You To Tampal On Laptops, Books & Thingamajigs

Local talents selling original artwork for as cheap as RM1? Take my money!

Cover image via Jacktus Original Art & Succulent/Shopee & Pyonyon/Shopee

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Twitter user and our own in-house copy editor Alyssa J Oon recently compiled an extensive list of homegrown artists who sell the cutest stickers and stationery

On Wednesday, 28 July, the local product enthusiast, who often goes by the name Aly, tweeted a thread featuring Malaysian artists and illustrators on Shopee.

Her post garnered over 2,600 retweets and 3,500 likes.

"This will likely be an ongoing thread cause I'm discovering new artists every day! Most of these are on Shopee," she added.

Whether you love stickers or just cute stuff in general, here's a list of 26 Malaysian artists you can purchase from:

1. fingerdesignyou

What they have: Stickers, prints, and keychains inspired by witches, magical creatures, and astrology.

Price: RM3.50 to RM5.

Check out their store here.


What they have: Holographic, pastel, and sparkly stickers that come in sets or as single pieces.

Price: RM1.50 to RM12.

Check out their store here.

3. dorzdoodlez

What they have: Hand-cut sticker flakes of cute and chonky animals such as penguins, bears, and dinosaurs, as well as food-themed ones like nasi lemak, karipap, and pancake stacks.

Price: RM1 to RM8.

Check out their store here.

4. bloomallowart

What they have: Stickers surrounding themes of self-care and affirmation. Perfect for journaling or if you'd like to have cute phrases on your laptop to keep you going!

Price: RM1 to RM5.

Check out their store here.

5. hellogalacticat

What they have: Stickers, button badges, and phone cases with colour schemes and designs that pay tribute to funky 80s aesthetics.

Price: RM2.50 to RM25.

Check out their store here.

6. secondfloor_neko

What they have: Stickers of cats as famous paintings, cats selling plants, and more cats.

 RM4 to RM12.

Check out their store here.

7. Ortolana.Art Store

What they have: An extensive catalogue with stickers, postcards, and prints of exotic animals, adorable Pokémon characters, and even plain colourful shapes for you to spice up your journal or laptop.

 RM0.52 to RM15.60

Check out their store here.

8. Jacktus Original Art & Succulent

What they have: Stickers and a variety of items such as washi tape, tote bags, and plushies that pay homage to Malaysian culture.

Price: RM4 to RM90.

Check out their store here.

9. Kayren's Art

What they have: Stickers of cats of all shapes and sizes. There are buff, chonky, and even boba cats. You can also get adorable sticker sets of your favourite food.

Price: RM1.50 to RM15.

Check out their store here.

10. wepostwecare

What they have: Cute COVID-19 PSA stickers to remind you to wash your hands and take care of yourself. Besides that, they also feature designs for special occasions such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, and birthdays.

Price: RM1.12 to RM55.80.

Check out their store here.

11. LukisTulisStore

What they have: Cats as astronauts and fruits with attitudes. Need we say more?

Price: RM3 to RM35.

Check out their store here.

12. Missing24Seven

What they have: Stickers of popular anime shows such as Haikyuu! and My Hero Academia, as well as famous games like Animal Crossing and Genshin Impact.

Price: RM1 to RM25.

Check out their store here.

13. kumakiki studio

What they have: Stickers of the cutest bears doing the cutest things.

Price: RM2 to RM11.

Check out their store here.

14. honeymilkinks

What they have: Adorable designs of our favourite childhood snacks such as Super Ring and Haw Flakes. They even sell mugs and tote bags.

Price: RM1.60 to RM50.

Check out their store here.

15. Rare Playground

What they have: K-pop themed stickers, especially meant for those who love the band WINNER.

Price: RM1.60 to RM50.

Check out their store here.

16. Bunga dan Bintang

What they have: Stickers, prints, and posters surrounding themes of outer space and nature.

Price: RM5 to RM99.

Check out their store here.

17. mossydino

What they have: Pastel-toned stickers that give off a cute romantic vibe. You can find illustrations of desserts, eggs, cats, and penguins.

Price: RM0.57 to RM6.

Check out their store here.

18. chleoescapespace

What they have: Adorable animal characters with huge eyes that will make you go "Aww!"

Price: RM1.02 to RM12.75.

Check out their store here.

19. Pyonyon

Image via Pyonyon/Shopee
Image via Pyonyon/Shopee

What they have: Intricate designs of food items, cats, and anime characters. They all come in different sizes, which is great if you'd like some variety.

Price: RM1 to RM12.

Check out their store here.

20. Kedai Saharil

What they have: Nostalgic stickers that every Malaysian would love. If you purchase 15 stickers, you'll get one free postcard!

Price: RM1.90 to RM18.

Check out their store here.

21. vaguely daydreams

What they have: Funky stickers that remind you of rock band albums and also a few pixel art designs.

Price: RM1.50 to RM14.

Check out their store here.

22. myni mart

What they have: Stickers with abstract designs and bright colours that will definitely spice up your journal, laptop, or absolutely anything you want to paste them on.

Price: RM3 to RM55.

Check out their store here.

23. BlueBean

Image via BlueBean/Shopee
Image via BlueBean/Shopee

What they have: Stickers and prints of different characters that look like they have interesting backstories.

Price: RM5 to RM85.

Check out their store here.

24. CatFaceShop

What they have: Pokémon characters and Demon Slayer stickers in designs you've never seen before.

Price: RM2.30 to RM8.

Check out their store here.

25. Mahsuriiiii

What they have: A variety of designs from mini self-love stickers to bigger stickers of men and women in traditional Malay outfits.

Price: RM0.80 to RM40.

Check out their store here.

26. Paperisu.Co

What they have: Stickers to let people know you've been vaccinated or cute aesthetic stickers that will complement your daily journal entries.

Price: RM1.20 to RM8.

Check out their store here.

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