[VIDEO] M'sian Designer Provides Tips On Building Your Ideal Home Through A 'Cluedo' Game

Jom, play this simplified version of 'Cluedo' with us as we find out what to consider when doing up our homes!

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So, you've finally done it. You've plucked up the courage and made the decision to buy a brand new home, yay!

But, have you thought about what comes next?

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After all, you've gotta make plans for what the interior of your home will look like, right? Whether it's for own stay for investment purposes, you gotta make sure all the rooms in your home are beautiful, comfy, and most importantly, liveable.

Well, no worries! We've recently had the chance to speak to local designer Matthew Lim, for a better idea on how to build the ideal home... with a twist. ;)

Watch the full video below to see what he has to say: 

If y'all are familiar with the popular board game Cluedo, then you'll know that the board illustrates pretty much all the rooms you can find in a typical home. This is why it's the perfect tool to use when going through each and every room and deciding how to design them.

Jom, play this simplified version of Cluedo with us as we find out what to consider when doing up our homes!

As Matthew draws the Living Hall card, he tells us that a living hall should have three things: a TV feature wall, good lighting, and a good sofa

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Matthew: "Usually for living halls, I think the bigger component is the the TV feature wall (the TV console, the feature wall), and you probably want to have good lighting. You probably need to invest in a good sofa, so that it could match the overall environment. The most important component is creating that feature, that focus point."

When it comes to the bathroom, Matthew advises avoiding high gloss marble flooring as it opens up the risk of slipping. Luckily, there are safer alternatives!

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Matthew: "Most cost-effective finishes to apply is basically a tiles finish. If you have a certain amount of investment that you're willing to invest, you can consider stone finish, marble, or granite."

Brenda: "Material selection is crucial here."

For those who love to cook, it's important to ensure the kitchen is durable and user-friendly, as Matthew mentions there are many different materials and finishes that can be used for kitchen countertops

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Brenda: "Because you also don't want the (counter) top to be staining as well. Or even, if it's like hard to wipe, if it's always oily."

Matthew: "The number one priority is it has to be easy maintenance."

Aside from investing in a good mattress and nice lighting for the ambience, a bedroom should have a soothing and calm interior aesthetic

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Matthew: "In terms of the interior aesthetic, personally I would suggest to have something that is a bit more soothing. Because it's a place for you to, you know, relax and get ready for sleep." 

While other rooms in the house should have warm lighting, the study room can have neutral white lighting

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Matthew: "Having a good lighting is also very important for the study room. In technical terms, we call it 4,000K. It's the colour temperature, where the temperature is closest to daylight. Other general areas of house, probably better to go for 2,800K to 3,000K."

All in all, it's important to be transparent with your designer or contractor about your expectations and budget, so that you can receive the best advice on building your home :)

Plus, it's also vital for you to ensure that you're buying property from a trusted developer, so that in the long run, you'll be happy with the overall outcome.

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