17 Malaysians Confess The Bad Driving Habits That They Need To Break

Don't be the person that other drivers hate :P

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As much as we complain about Malaysian drivers, we have to admit... we ARE Malaysian drivers

We asked 17 Malaysians to confess their bad driving habits and pledge to make the roads safer for everyone. Here's what they had to say:

1. That person who is always in a rush...

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"I promise to stop speeding (especially at residential areas)."

- Shila, 26, Sales Associate.

2. The person who makes traffic jams even worse...

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"I will not use emergency lane to beat traffic anymore. (Sorry!)"

- Lee, 28, Graphic Designer.

3. The one who watches videos on the road

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"I will stop watching YouTube and InstaStories during traffic jams."

- Jordan, 26, Marketing Executive.

4. That double-parker who doesn't even leave a number...

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"I promise to pay for parking... instead of double parking."

- Aimi, 33, Brand Manager.

5. Malaysians have to spend their birthdays renewing their driving license at the post office

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"Stop driving with an expired license..."

- Hafiz, 30, Retail Manager.

6. The one who gets distracted fiddling with music

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"I promise to set my Spotify playlist before I start driving (not during!)"

- Aman, 31, Analyst.

7. The road rager who could hurt themselves and others

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"I will not super saiyan rage while driving."

- Joanne, 29, Writer.

8. This person who goes way too fast around corners

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"Promise I won't chiong at corners... I'll slow down this time."

- Tzu Lin, 24, Receptionist.

9. The person who loves to stop and stare

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"I promise not to kepoh when there's an accident..."

- Kelvin, 24, Video Editor.

10. The serial texter that always has to add their 2 cents

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"I will not text and drive anymore. Even when the gossip is super juicy!"

- Angela, 25, Event Coordinator.

11. That person who jams their brakes every few minutes

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"I will stop always hitting the brakes..."

- Murni, 31, Office Manager.

12. It's better to eat soggy fries safely at home than being a danger on the road

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"Stop eating while driving even though it tastes sooo gooood when hot!"

- Yi, 26, Retail Assistant.

13. The person who thinks it's safe because nobody is looking

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"I will not run red lights even though got no other cars on the road."

- Jen, 23, Media Planner.

14. The person who takes karma into their own hands

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"I will not scratch badly parked cars anymore."

- Chong, 30, Consultant.

15. The one who doesn't want to "lose"

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"I promise to give way to other drivers and not hog the road :("

- Choo, 25, Auditor.

16. The multitasker who shouldn't actually do it all at once

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"I will stop applying makeup at traffic lights and making people angry."

- Alia, 34, HR Manager.

17. The dangerous driver who follows too close for comfort

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"I won't tailgate no matter how dumb the driver in front of me is."

- Shanti, 26, Customer Service Representative.

While we all have our bad habits, let's work together to improve and be better drivers!

Because when you do drive safer, not only are you helping to prevent injury to yourself, you're also preventing injury to others.

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