11 Food Malaysians Love To Eat For Supper Because We're Always Hungry

Just another really important meal for Malaysians.

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There's no such thing as "too late to cari makan" in Malaysia

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In fact, 'late' is when most mamak restaurants and hawker stalls are swamped with
customers looking for food.

We know how hard it is for Malaysians to turn down late night yam cha sessions,
so don't forget to quench your thirst with some Lipton Ice Tea while you're at it!

You can even find freshly prepared food as late as 11pm because Malaysians just love their supper food, like:

1. Super gooey cheese naan

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Image via TripAdvisor

Who needs pizza when you have cheese naan?

It's rumoured that the best cheese naan can be found in Restoran RSMY. It's tough to deny it, as seen from the thick, gooey, cheesy goodness oozing out from their signature naans.

Check out our list of best cheese naans in KL here.

2. Burger bakar's thick patties

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The Malaysian version of a gourmet burger is a combination of everything sinful: deep fried giant patties, topped with bacon streaks, and a generous amount of cheese sauce.

Tastes better at night, downed with a cooling drink like Lemon Ice Tea. :D

3. Those hawt BBQ chicken wings

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Nothing beats freshly barbecued chicken wings glazed with honey that are so hot they can almost burn your fingers (but we don't mind that).

You need the sweet chilli sauce to go with it.

4. Ikan bakar!

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We love our ikan bakar grilled with lots of sambal, and topped with some lime juice. The freshness of the fish goes really well with cincalok, a locally made fermented shrimp paste.

5. Late night steamboat at the lok-lok van

The lok-lok van is a welcoming sight after a night of epic partying.

Just grab a paper plate, pick the skewered meat or vegetables you want, dip it in boiling hot water, then pair it with any sauce you like. No wonder it's a late night favourite.

6. All the different types of satay

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Chicken, beef, lamb... we want it all!

Just 10 sticks isn't enough. Nope, give us at least 20 sticks and lots and lots of peanut sauce to dip it in. That's for per person, that is.

7. Hokkien mee, KL style

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There are different types of hokkien mee, depending on which part of Malaysia you're living in. We're referring to the KL version, thick noodles cooked in thick soy sauce. The darker, the better.

8. Roti tissue, or roti skyscraper?

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The higher the better, and super nice to take photos with!

9. A simple packet nasi lemak bungkus

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Image via HungryGoWhere

Sometimes, a simple nasi lemak bungkus is all you need to make your day (or night) better.

10. The huge Taiwanese fried chicken chop

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A must-have whenever you visit the pasar malam! Don’t forget to sprinkle the spicy chilli powder if you can handle it.

11. Oh chien, or you could call it oyster omelette

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Oyster and omelette, the best combination in the world. Not to forget the sweet chilli sauce.

With so much good food around, it's no wonder Malaysia is one of the best food destinations in the world

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