Malaysian Guys Share Their Favourite Barbershops In Klang Valley To Get A Fresh Cut

Different options for different hair types!

Cover image via @theovencuttery (Instagram) & Huuk Barbershop

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1. Number76 and Quick Cut

"If I'm feeling rich, I go to Number76. I like it because it's like going to a really fancy hair treatment and they give you birthday discounts. But if I'm broke, I go to Quick Cut. I've always wanted to try The Barber Bus though, if you're on a mid-range budget." — Timothy

2. The Oven Cuttery

"The Oven Cuttery at Damansara Uptown! I've been cutting with the founder and pomade brewer, Kevin, for the past nine years since his early days as an apprentice. Haircuts are personal and once you've found someone who 'gets' you, you'll want to stick with them for as long as you can. That's how it is with Kevin.

"He's sharp (like his scissors), impressively thorough, honest with feedback, and a genuinely down-to-earth dude. Ask anyone who's cut with him and trust me that the reviews will be glowing. Good luck getting a slot though. He's always fully booked." — John

3. Mechanics Groomer

"Linda at Mechanics Groomer in Oasis Ara Damansara. She's an award winning hairdresser, who always provides a very warm welcome to her establishment. Her skills with the blades really do justify her awards.

"My mother, who has high standards for her own hair, was also very pleased with the cut Linda gave. The prices at Mechanics are also very reasonable. The light shoulder massages they give at the end of a session really takes the load off of you.

"Not only Linda but the team at Mechanics are also really amazing at the work they do. If I have one thing to gripe about, it's the distance from where I live. Pre-MCO, I used to go there every two weeks because of the hairstyle I used to wear. Now, maybe once a month or more." — Joe

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4. Hairchitect Studio MY

"I love getting my hair cut from Bryan Munan at Hairchitect Studio. He gives sexy fades and you can just trust him with your hair." — Colin

5. Shawn Cutler

"My favourite salon in Klang Valley is Shawn Cutler on Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. They provide great haircutting and styling services, with the best customer service. I particularly love two hairstylists there, Jaz and Tinky, who are now my trusted go-tos.

"They're very meticulous and pay attention to detail to your preferences. It's been very hard to find hairdressers who can accommodate to my hair type – very thick and wavy – however, the hairstylists at this salon are very skilled at their craft and have no problem doing so.

"My wife and I have experimented doing different hairstyles with them, and always leave the shop feeling good about ourselves and our haircuts. Overall, Shawn Cutler salon has great staff and service, would definitely recommend to anyone!" — Ihsan

Image via Shawn Cutler

6. Jack Barber Hairstylist

"As someone with frizzy and unpredictable hair, haircuts are always difficult for me. But Jack Barber Hairstylist in USJ 11, Subang Jaya has always been my go-to.

"The abang barber is friendly and always makes conversation, he also gives out different suggestions on how I should cut my hair when I don't know what I want. They also offer a flat rate of RM20 for standard haircuts, with wash and shampoo for an extra RM10. Best part of all, it's only a five-minute drive from my house." — Hafiz

7. P&M Hair Gallery

"I go to P&M Hair Gallery in Setia Alam. Although it's close to my house, it's not the reason I keep going there. The first time I ever went there was because I needed a haircut urgently and ended up loving it. Why didn't I go to my usual salon? Because it closed down during MCO. :') 

"So, I've been going to random salons but didn't like any. But I like P&M and keep going there because they are very friendly, prices are cheaper than other salons, and they can do what I want." — Ting

8. Huuk Barbershop

"I go to Huuk Barbershop in Mid Valley. Yunix is my 'barberella' (I don't know what to call a woman barber that doesn't work in a hair salon, haha). I like going there 'cause she's really meticulous with my hair." — Abhishek

9. Ananda Barber

"My go-to barber right now (and for the foreseeable future) is Ananda Barber in TTDI. They're your everyday Indian barbershop with highly-skilled workers who get your haircut right every time. And it's also more affordable than going to salons!

"The shop itself is bigger and comfier than most barbershops. It has aircon and plenty of seats in the waiting area as you wait for your turn. It can get very busy on weekends, but the service is always efficient as they have five or more barbers on deck at all times." — Ahmad 

10. Joe's Barbershop and Hair Salon Nouveau

"I don't patronise any salon, but I follow where my barber goes. Previously, I used to frequent Joe's Barbershop Subang 'cause I got to know my barber, Firdaus.

"I visit him less frequently now since he moved back to JB to open up a Joe's Barbershop there.

"Recently, since January 2023, I frequent another stylist, Liang Han, at Kimarie, SS2. But he is now with Hair Salon Nouveau, a new salon in Damansara Jaya next to KK Mart, so that's where I go. 

"I just wanna go in to a barber, sit down, let him do his magic, as long as it is neat and tidy, I'm good. Whoever I can hit it off with and chit chat during the haircut, and don't push products to me, then okay liao. So, getting to know my barber is my criteria, as long as I can trust him with my hair." — Kenneth

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