Malaysian Men Share Their Funniest Horror Stories About Periods

"She... bled on me."

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1. "I had to buy pads for my sister at the kedai runcit alone"

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"When I was around 12, I was home alone with my older sister. She got her period unexpectedly and there weren't any pads in the house so she told me to go to the kedai runcit to buy a pack for her. 

It's not a big deal now, but at the time I was mortified. Staring at all the different types of pads. So many colours, so many sizes, so much confusion. I felt like everyone was staring at me. I wanted to turn into a cabbage and disappear."

- CY, 27.

2. "I woke up in a bloody crime scene"

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"One morning I got out of bed and there was blood everywhere. I thought I was dying. My wife woke up from all my panicking and that's when we realised she'd got her period during the night and it had stained the bed. 

She went to take a shower while I put the sheets in the wash and tried to scrub the mattress. Man, it is not easy being a woman."

- Suresh, 29.

3. "My daughter gave me a birthday card decorated with a special 'sticker' hahaha"

Photo for illustration purposes only. Not the actual card ;)

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"On my birthday I woke up to my favourite home-cooked breakfast from the wifey and a handmade card from my 5-year-old daughter. The card had a special 'sticker' on it.

It was a pad. My daughter stuck a pad on my birthday card lol. She asked me if I liked the 'GIANTEST STICKURRR IN THE WOOOORLD' so of course I said I did! Not really a horror story, but definitely the funniest period-related story I have!"

- Jeremy, 35.

4. "She... bled on me"

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"Hmmm... let's just say, my wife and I were having lots of fun. Then we turned on the lights. And it stopped being fun. Hahahahaha. It happens, man. She felt really bad about it but honestly it didn't bother me.

I was just worried that I hurt her or something. It's kinda icky but nothing we can't clean up and laugh over later."

- David, 31.

5. "They called me 'muka pad' for the rest of the year"

"During recess at school I noticed two girls were acting weird. Like one was walking right behind another girl, trying to hide something. So me, being young and dumb, started to kacau them - trying to see what they were hiding.

The girl in the back got so angry, out of nowhere she threw an unopened pad at my face. That got me the nickname 'muka pad' for the rest of the year."

- Ashraf, 24.

6. "Never ask a lady if she's fasting during Ramadan, it's just not necessary"

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"It was Ramadan and my whole family was gathered at my grandparents' house for buka. There's this one uncle that means well but is kinda annoying. He's going around asking all the kids 'puasa tak?' The teens are all fasting, except for one of my cousins who replies that she's not.

The uncle keeps asking why she's not fasting, saying she's a big girl and should be fasting etc. I was about to step in when my cousin, who was around 11 or 12, just deadpan says to his face, "I'm bleeding from my vagina." The uncle was super embarrassed and apologised to her, and now she's my hero."

- Din, 20.

7. "Schoolgirls ganged up on me after I made fun of a girl who had a wet patch at her butt"

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"I made fun of my classmate because she had like a wet patch on her butt. I thought she peed herself. I thought it was funny. But instead of my class laughing with me, the girls like ganged up on me instead! Evil looks and some insults. Scared the crap out of me.

Girls who have each other's backs are seriously unstoppable. I felt really ashamed for teasing that first girl after that :( "

- Hemi, 23.

8. "I told my friend to stop 'perioding' so we could go swimming"

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"My best friend is a girl and during school holidays we planned to go swimming. But the day we were supposed to go, she called me to say she couldn't because she had her period. I thought she was making excuses not to hang out with me because I assumed girls could just stop 'perioding'. You know, kinda the same way peeing works.

Anyway, we got into a stupid fight and I complained to my mum, who sat me down and explained everything properly. I almost lost my best friend because I didn't know how periods work!" 

- KC, 21. 

9. "Someone stuck a pad under my car windshield wiper"

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"Why? Why would someone do this?! I went to the mall with friends. And when I went back to my car, there was a pad under my car windshield wiper. It was opened but not used. But seriously. Why.

I AM SURE IT WAS A GUY THAT DID THIS. Women wouldn't waste a pad like that. Stupid idiot. Was it supposed to be a prank?! I had to pull it out and throw it away. Wasting pads!"

- Andrew, 25.

10. "I thought boys got their periods too, so I wore a pad to be prepared"

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"I have four older sisters and grew up surrounded by pads and knowing about periods. But what they didn't think to explain to me is that only girls and women get periods, not boys. I'd seen how period blood sometimes leaked through my sisters' pants and how embarrassed they were about it.

So I thought I would prepare myself by wearing a pad in case I got my period. I was 9 years old at that time. Anyway, one of my sisters realised what was happening and she was so kind about it. She just laughed and gave me a big hug, then went on to explain I didn't have to worry about getting a period, and to only be supportive when the women in my life did."

- Aris, 29. 

Let's get real guys, real men understand periods - they affect all of us, not just women!