Have You Seen This M'sian's Tiny Clay Aiskrim Potong & CKT? They Look Real Enough To Eat!

So cute but just don't eat.

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If you have an empty stomach right now, the following pictures are confirm gonna make you very, very hungry

Fried carrot cake.

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Nasi lemak.

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Bah ku teh.

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Professional graphic designer and pastry chef Eric Siow creates these tiny sculptures mainly out of resin clay

However, he occasionally uses other materials, such as baby powder, art sand, and yarn to achieve certain intricate details.

Siow, who goes by his Instagram handle @littlecravingst, spends his free time making these super-realistic miniature creations and posts photos of them on social media.

Claypot chicken rice.

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In an interview with Mothership, Siow revealed that he started this hobby in 2011 and eventually quit photography to focus on this passion

He told the Singaporean portal that creating a simple dish can take him anything between two hours to a couple of days to complete, depending on how detailed it needs to be.

Eric Siow is a professional graphic designer and pastry chef.

Image via Eric Siow/Mothership


Image via little_craving_st

Bah ku teh.

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From luncheon meat to sweet and sour pork, Siow has the ability to bring any food dish to life

Take a look at the miniatures next to real-life items for size comparison

Chee cheong fan next to a plate of real chee cheong fan.

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Image via little_craving_st

Though his creations are small, Siow places incredible details into the dishes like this steamed pomfret with coriander leaves

We can practically smell it from here.

Steamed pomfret.

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Char siew wan tan mee.

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Or this aiskrim potong that looks like it was just removed from the freezer:

Aside from making miniature food, Siow has also created scenes such as this kampung kitchen, hawker stall, and cendol station

Check out more of his work on Instagram and Facebook!

Meanwhile, take a look at more miniature creations by fellow Malaysian artists:

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