Malaysian Dad Shares Easy Hack To Kill All The Cockroaches Lurking In Your Car

A few other people said it works!

Cover image via Khushairi Borhanudin/Tukang Apa Hari Ini (Facebook)

We are all guilty of eating in the car sometimes, despite knowing full well that it will invite pests such as cockroaches and ants into our lives

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Thankfully, a Malaysian dad found an easy way to get rid of these unwanted visitors if you ever find them taking over your car

Facebook user Khushairi Borhanudin took to public group 'Tukang Apa Hari Ini' to share the life hack after his experiment turned out successful.

His weapon of choice: An insect repellent called Fumakila Vape.

In the Facebook post, Khushairi shared that his children often spill food and drinks in his car

Over time, he said despite cleaning, the filth still "became one" with the seats and floor, which attracted a lot of cockroaches.

So, one day, he went to a convenience store to buy the repellent, that is actually marketed to kill mosquitoes, for RM7.90.

Khushairi said for the spray to work, he sprayed under all his car seats and closed all the doors overnight, just before going to bed.

And just like that, he said he could satisfyingly pick up all the dead pests that were hiding in his car off the floor the next morning

He explained to a few curious Facebook users that the cockroaches will crawl out of their hiding spaces overnight and die in plain sight, so it's easy to dispose of them this way.

Khushairi also said the cockroaches will all weirdly die together in "families", so you do not have to search for them.

He added that the spray did not stink up his car, as it is orange-scented and not overpowering, but he said those trying at home should air their cars just to be safe.

The post has since garnered over 2,400 shares and comments, with thousands of netizens excitedly tagging their friends to try it out

A few other netizens gave their own reviews of the spray, backing up Khushairi's post.

"This Fumakilla Vape is really good. I sprayed my car like this for 3 days straight. After that, my car was cleared. No more cockroaches," someone said.

Another user said, "Yes, this is very effective, if there are ants, they will all die too."

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