Malaysian Shares How To Remove Scorch Marks From Iron Using Panadol Soluble

Who knew Panadol had a side gig in laundry services!

Cover image via @pish.ball (TikTok)

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Dealing with stubborn scorch marks on an iron can be super frustrating, as they not only mess with the appliance but can also ruin your clothes

If you've been looking for a way to remove these stubborn stains, look no further — a Malaysian has recently shared a unique hack using Panadol Soluble.

In a 21-second video posted on TikTok, Deeba demonstrated the technique by rubbing a paracetamol tablet over the hot metal surface of her iron box.

As if the tablet was made for this exact purpose, the stain on the iron slid right off, leaving the iron box as good as new.

To complete the process, Deeba then took a cloth and wiped the remaining particles from the iron's surface.

The unique hack quickly amassed 3.4 million views, with netizens expressing their amazement in the comments section

"I was just looking for tips to remove burnt marks from [my] iron box. Then, I stumbled upon this video. Thank you," said one user.

"This hack saved my student life," said another.

Some were even amused by the hack, saying, "Because its name is soluble, it's a solution to any trouble."

"So it is true that panadol can heal anything," joked another.

Bata Malaysia was also seen commenting under the video, jokingly asking, "Can this Panadol be used to heal a broken heart too?"

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