Malaysian Uncle Set Up An Urban Orchard In KL To Cope With The Loss Of His Son

The orchard was previously a mosquito breeding area.

Cover image via @wikiimpact (TikTok)

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Losing someone close to us is possibly one of the most painful life experiences we go through

It's as if we're left trying to walk through life with an emptiness, a place that only that person could fill. It's heart-wrenching, difficult, and life can never be or feel the same after they're gone.

Many cope with their loss in different ways — for one uncle, he found the strength to carry on by putting his efforts into growing an orchard in KL.

Meet Uncle Yen

After going through the heartbreaking loss of his son seven years ago, Uncle Yen needed a way to cope.

According to Wiki Impact, Uncle Yen, also known as Yen Maseri Hj Idris decided leave his job after his son had passed away.

Having spent 32 years in the recruitment industry and as a graveyard digger for a year, Uncle Yen shared that losing his son greatly affected him.

To keep him going, he left his job and worked on this personal project near his home. 

In a video interview with Wiki Impact, Uncle Yen shared that he cleaned up a mosquito breeding area and transformed it into an orchard brimming with life

Naming it Urban Orchard KL, the space is now filled with an abundance of fruit trees and a clean stream that is home to Tilapia fish and tortoises. He also looks after several stray animals in the area.

Initially funding the project out of his own savings, Uncle Yen has since formed a club of 150 members who chip in financially whenever the orchard needs things like protective gates or when the stray animals have vet bills due to injuries.  

Although it's not open to the public at the moment, Uncle Yen's hope for the orchard is for the younger generation to be able to enjoy it — and perhaps one day, he would love to open an ice cream parlour in the same space

I'm giving this to the young people. I just take care of the orchard, and that's enough for me. I'm very happy. This is what I've been telling the young people. This is for you guys.
Uncle Yen

You can watch Wiki Impact's full video interview below:

If you want to know more about Urban Orchard KL, you can follow Uncle Yen and his journey on Instagram and TikTok.

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