Malaysians Celebrate CNY With Fireworks That Shoot Out From 'Ghostbusters' Blasters

"Care Bears Malaysia."

Cover image via TikTok

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A TikTok video of a group of people playing with fireworks during Chinese New Year in Malaysia has recently gone viral

The video, which has garnered over 44,900 plays since it was posted three days ago, shows a group of people shooting fireworks out of Ghostbusters-like blasters by the side of an empty street.

Image via TikTok

Accompanying the video is the theme song of Ghostbusters, to match the fictional proton pack devices that are used in the film to catch ghosts

Image via TikTok

After the video went up, several said they wanted the fireworks for Raya festivities, while a few asked where they could get them.

Image via TikTok

One person even said that the video is giving Care Bears vibes.

Image via TikTok
Image via GIPHY

Fireworks can be seen during every festival in Malaysia, but many are still considered illegal due to danger risks

According to Minor Offences Act 1955, those who are caught letting off fireworks – unless authorised to do so – may be subjected to punishment in the form of a fine of not more than RM100, or imprisonment for no more than a month, if not both.

In other words, you may submit an application to obtain permission or licence to ignite fireworks for certain events.

Otherwise, the only types of fireworks that are legal are from the brands Happy Boom and Pop Pop, as reported by Bernama last year.

Watch the full video below:

It can be a scary time for pets during festive celebrations as their hearing is more sensitive to loud fireworks. Here are some ways to help your fur buddies: