Malaysian Newlyweds Regret Taking A Loan After Parents Demanded For A Grand Wedding

"Throughout these six months of marriage, I am more sad than I am happy."

Cover image via ConfessTweetMy (Twitter) & NH Online

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Planning a wedding takes a lot of organising, money, and compromise.

While a marriage is only two people, planning a wedding sometimes includes parents who have their own ideas and beliefs.

In a recent anonymous confession through Twitter account @ConfessTweetMY, a newlywed confessed that she has been unhappy in her marriage since her wedding reception.

Just married for six months, it all started when her parents disapproved of hosting a small wedding reception. The newlywed couple work average jobs, where the husband is a clerk and the wife works as a contractual government worker.

"I told my parents that we wanted to do a small reception with around 100 guests. They disagreed and told us they have a lot of relatives and friends to invite who will get offended if they weren't," the wife confessed in the post.

The couple's request for a small wedding then left her parents questioning if the husband could truly take care of their daughter

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"After hearing that, my husband felt hurt. He decided to sit down with my parents and discuss how many people we should invite. The final numbers came up to 1,000 people and my parents wanted to host it at a hotel," she continued. "Then, they told us to take out a RM40,000 loan if we wanted to marry."

Long story short, the husband took out a loan for the wedding and they managed to host a grand reception at a hotel. Her parents were happy and satisfied, with their friends praising them about how grand the wedding was.

"Now, we're struggling to pay the loan and have to take odd jobs to survive," she confessed

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"Upon coming home from work, my husband continued working as a GrabFood rider while I handled an online dropship business. However, sales were less than profitable," she explained. "My husband went from being an outgoing person to a recluse who prefers to sleep a lot."

"He said that he was tired from having to work continuously. He truly regrets ever taking that loan and feels that if he hadn't, our lives would be much more peaceful and he can relax with me after working at an office job."

Since the post was shared, netizens have expressed their sympathy towards the couple

A user said, "Because of their need to please other people, their own child is suffering. This is one of the reasons a marriage is in shambles," while another said, "This is the type of parents whose friends hosted grand weddings for their own children and so the parents want that for themselves too."

One user went on to say that RM40,000 is not a small amount of money and could have instead been used as a deposit for a car or a house. "There is nothing wrong with small weddings as long as there is no debt to be paid in the future."

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