[VIDEO] The Bait: Which Is Better—Landed Properties or High-Rise Buildings?

Deciding which type of property to get is definitely a huge decision!

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Buying your first home is definitely a big decision, especially if you're doing it as newlyweds

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The place you buy is so much more than the four walls you'll live in. It's going to be a home, and where you'll start building a family together. It's definitely not something to be taken lightly, particularly when it comes to deciding what kind of property to buy—landed or high-rise?

On this episode of The Bait, we discussed the pros and cons of landed properties vs high-rise buildings, to help newlywed Jenna make her decision.

Watch the video below to see what went down:

#TeamDownToEarth kicked off the debate with their reasons for preferring landed properties, namely, the space and convenience

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Farouq: "Landed house is relatively bigger and have so much space. Second one, I think it's the best, which is parking kereta right in front of your doorstep. Imagine, having to carry all your grocery bags kan, and then you just step inside the house with no problem."

They also talked about the improved security of landed properties these days, with many developers choosing to build gated and guarded communities

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Raz: "But now there are a lot of developers out there prefer to create their neighbourhood or landed properties with guards and guarded guys."

Then, it was #TeamHighAchievers turn, and they talked about the many amenities that you'll get to enjoy when living in a high-rise building

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Jeremy: "In a high-rise building, you have all kinds of amenities. You have gym, pool, barbecue, launderette, sauna. Okay I tell you, my high-rise building, we have mini-mart, we have mamak."

Gowri: "You don't have to leave!"

Jeremy: "I don't have to step out of my house!"

They brought up security too, pointing out how they think that high-rise buildings are ultimately safer

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Gowri: "We have 24/7 security, and they actually rotate the guards night and day. So, no one is tired, no one is slacking off on the job. And there's limited access to floors. Sometimes it's even hard for you to go to your neighbour's floor. So, it's so hard for people to come in lah."

Things got heated in the second round, with both sides arguing back and forth about... water tanks? Lollllll.

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Raz: "Okay Gowri, you did mention about the fabulous water tank that you have at your condo. So, when was the last time that your management ever informed you about the condition of your water tank? Have you ever come across this old, faulty storage tanks that's been happening around in Penang condominiums back in 2018, my love?"

Gowri: "You're talking about things that happen once in a blue moon. Last year alone, how many water cuts happened that landed properties had no water? And condos were completely fine."

When #TeamHighAchievers pointed out that buying a landed property results in a big financial burden, #TeamDownToEarth countered with the fact that many developers are now coming up with programmes to help first-time homeowners.

For example, EcoWorld's #InstaYours Homeownership Programme.

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Farouq: "So Jenna, this amazing, amazing programme offers flexibility to homeowners to cuba try test stay at a LANDED HOUSE first for a few years before deciding to own it later. And also, the best part is that it's applicable for both ready houses and properties under construction."

But #TeamHighAchievers jumped in to point out that #InstaYours is applicable to high-rise properties too!

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Gowri: "You can also buy a high-rise property with this programme, and you actually don't need to pay any down payment. All you have to pay is a 3-month security deposit. And the best part is Jenna, it's refundable."

The best part about #InstaYours is that you don't have to make up your mind right away, and can take your time to decide if your selected property is truly right for you

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Jeremy: "And you don't have to worry about buying it right away, okay? So the first year you and your husband can try out staying in this nice high-rise apartment. And maybe from the second year onwards, you can decide if you want to convert into an actual mortgage loan, go ahead."

Gowri: "And if you buy in your second or third year, you actually get further incentives as well."

Plus, you even get to lock-in the price of your dream home

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Raz: "With #InstaYours, you are able to lock-in the purchase price of the property for the next five years after you move in."

With strong points from both sides, the debate ended with Jenna being more confused than ever hahaha

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If you're just as confused as she is, click here for more information on EcoWorld's #InstaYours Homeownership Programme

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