[VIDEO] Malaysians Play The 'True Or Not' Game

Can you identify the true headlines?

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How good are you at guessing if a piece of news is true or false just by reading its headline?

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Some of us are so confident, we're convinced we know how the story would end without reading it first.

But to be honest, some headlines sound so ridiculous, you know it just can't be true... right?

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But some did seem quite convincing...

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Check out how our friends did in the challenge:

How sharp are you at analysing what you read everyday?

TM encourages Malaysians to prevent the spread of false information through their latest 'Stop Fitnah Internet #FITNET' movement. '#FITNET', also known as fitnah internet, refers to false information that is spread through the Internet. The initiative also educates the public on how to identify news that contain information that are untrue.

Find out more on how to verify information at

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