[VIDEO] Can Malaysians Tell The Difference Between In-Flight Meals And Hawker Food?

"You can get cheesecake on a flight?!"

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Whether we're on the ground or in the air, Malaysians definitely love our food! But can we actually tell the difference between in-flight meals and food from the hawker stalls?

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Ashley: "Okay, I think this'll be quite easy for me. Because I always fly AirAsia. And Dylan always eats hawker food."

Dylan: "Nice..."

Watch the full video below to see what went down when AirAsia put our tastebuds to the test:

Of course we had to kickstart the challenge with a Malaysian favourite - nasi lemak!

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Darian: "I can smell the sambal."

Nandini: "Yeah, the sambal's quite strong."

Gowri: "That was a big mouthful!"

Gwen: *yumminess overload*

The second round of nasi campur vs nasi padang had us a little bit confused

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Nandini: "Wow! Is that green sambal?"

Ashley: "Oh, it's spicy!"

The unmistakable smell of chicken rice got us all excited for the third round before we even tasted anything

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Gowri & Gwen: *overly excited for chicken rice*

And we all absolutely LOVED the dessert, that cheesecake was HEAVENLY amgaaaddd! <3

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Dylan: *died and went to cheesecake heaven*

With Santan Xpress, you can now pre-book your in-flight meals up to four hours before your flight on the AirAsia website or via their mobile app

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You'll be able to get their yummy signature meals like Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak, Uncle Chin's Chicken Rice, and more, from as low as RM10, and that also includes a drink! Plus you'll even get served first - all you have to do is show your boarding pass.

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