[VIDEO] Malaysians Guess The Correct Medical Diagnosis And Treatment Based On Symptoms

"Moms know best, but doctors know better than best!"

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We have all played doctor at some point in our lives kan?

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When we were kids, we played doctor and pretended to diagnose our parents with all kinds of things. Then, as we got older, we started doing things like Googling our symptoms or trying natural remedies someone told us about.

Since we've kind of been doing it our whole lives, AIA challenged us to see just how accurate our diagnosing is

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We were presented with patient profiles and a list of their symptoms. Based on that, we had to not only figure out the correct medical diagnosis, but also recommend the best treatment option.

Were we able to correctly diagnose our "patients" or did we completely fail them? Watch the full video below to find out:

Note: All symptoms, diagnoses, and treatment options shown are for simulation purposes only and may not be accurate.

We started off pretty confident when we got the first question right

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Producer: "So, you're right! It is tonsilitis!"

Gowri & Rajeswari: "YAAAAAAAAAY!" *celebrates*

But then immediately started arguing over treatment options lol how liddis

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Colin: "He needs to actually have surgery to remove his tonsils."

Farouq: "Tapi, once he remove his tonsils, then what happens?"

Colin: "It will grow back."

Farouq: "HAH?!"

Colin: *cackling*

And then things just got more and more confusing

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Rajeswari: "Okay, I'm gonna go with heart attack."

Gowri: "Okay, then I'll say asthma, I guess. *regrets choice* No, it's not asthma!"

Rajeswari: "Hypertension!"

Gowri: "Yes, hypertension!"

Diagnosis wrong, treatment also not confident... this is why none of us actually became doctors for real gais

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Colin: "Second opinion cardiologist."

Producer: "But what if it's wrong?"

Farouq: "Pacemaker lah!"

At the end of the day, we could all agree that we should just leave it up to the experts. Thank you doctors! <3

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Farouq: "Moms know best, but doctors know better than best!"

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