[VIDEO] Malaysians Try To Live With Only 151 Litres Of Water A Day

"If Singapore can do it, we also can right?"

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According to Millennium Development Goals 2015, Malaysians use 215 litres of water on average per day, almost DOUBLE that of Singapore and the UK! :O

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In light of this, Indah Water challenged some of us to only use 151 litres a day in order to conserve our water usage

We started off pretty chill and confident that we had it in the bag

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Darian: "If Singapore can do it, we also can right?"

Ashley: "Can laaaaah."

Kevin: "Malaysia boleh, Malaysia boleh!"

But then, we started to realize just how much water even the simplest of things uses #kantoi

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Kevin: "The number's crazy! It's going up, look at that!"

So we ended up attempting to resort to some drastic measures lol

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Kevin: "Darian, do you want to shower together?"

Darian: "No thanks! I don't wanna save water together."

Did they manage to conserve water without compromising their health and hygiene? Watch the full video to find out:

The daily water requirement per person set by the United Nations (UN) is 165 litres, but Malaysians use up to 300 litres every day

165 litres of water is enough to meet a person's basic daily needs, such as showering, washing, and drinking. However, the average Malaysian uses almost double that amount daily.

This means that the amount of water wasted by a single Malaysian is enough to meet another person's daily needs. A 2016 news report also stated that a single Malaysian wastes up to 50,000 litres of water every year.

So why is it so important for us to save water? Here are some reasons:

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1. Saving water helps to sustain the environment and also reduces the production of carbon.

2. Reducing energy consumption. The water supply industry intensively uses large amounts of energy for all kinds of purposes such as transporting and treating water. So the more water you use, the higher the electricity costs are for water suppliers and users.

3. Cutting down on how much raw water we use indirectly leads to reducing the need to build new dams, water treatment plants, and other types of water supply facilities.

4. Using more water results in the creation of more waste water too, which in turn increases the already expensive water treatment costs.

By doing a just few simple things, we can help reduce the amount of water we waste. Check out some of them below:

- Get any pipe leakages fixed ASAP to prevent more wastage.
- Recycle the water you use to wash your rice or pasta to water your plants.
- Don't keep the tap running while you brush your teeth, use a cup to store the water needed instead.
- Stop taking long showers.
- Only use the washing machine if you have a full load of clothes.
- Use a tub of water to clean your dishes.
- Collect rain water and use it to water your plants or wash the porch.

Let's all do our part to reduce water wastage guys!

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