Man Records What It's Like To Fly First Class From Paris To KL In Malaysia Airlines' A380

Being served fresh satay 30,000 feet in the air is pretty awesome.

Cover image via Carioca Nomundo via YouTube

Ever wonder what it is like to fly first class with Malaysia Airlines?

For travel guide Jayme Drummond, he was given the first class treatment on Flight MH21 from Paris to Kuala Lumpur

Instead of being served pre-packed food, Jayme had a table set up for him and super fresh satay with a generous serving of peanut sauce on the side

Along with these delicious meals...

Spot the caviar!

After all that, he went straight for the fully reclinable bed. Look at all that leg space!

Jayme then gives a short tour of the plane. He starts out by saying that the A380 is so huge that it takes you awhile to walk from one end to the other.

There's a staircase in a plane. Just let that sink in your head for awhile...

He then brought us to see where the cabin crew sleeps!

Before casually ending the day by hanging out with a fellow passenger and a flight steward

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Watch what it's like to flying in the high lane here:

Well, can it beat this guy's first class experience on Singapore Airlines?