Ooh, McDonald’s Has Rolled Out Self-Service Kiosks In A Few Outlets!

Order, customise, and pay for your meals by just tapping a digital screen.

Cover image via @sok_chin / Stephen Lim

Fans of Mcdonald's will be pleased to know that the fast food giant has finally rolled out self-service kiosks at several of its outlets in Klang Valley!

Image via Lowyat Forum

The new kiosks allow you to skip the queue and human interaction as placing orders and payments can be done on the machine. 

The system isn't exactly a new concept though as it has been rolled out in other countries like Hong Kong and Singapore for a while now.

All you need to do is place your a la carte or set meals, pay, and wait for your number to be called at the collection counter

Image via Lowyat Forum

At the moment, the service only accepts credit and debit cards.

Do you prefer to have your double cheeseburger without pickles? Consider it done because you can customise orders to your heart's content!

Image via Stephen Lim

As to how far your order can be customised remains to be seen as we have not tried out the service ourselves yet.

But please don't be this guy who literally removed everything from his cheeseburger and paid for an empty paper bag. Money is hard to come by these days, don't waste it k.

You can try out the kiosks at the Bukit Bintang branch and Bangsar Telawi branch. We're assuming more of them will pop up in the future.

Speaking of which, Pizza Hut has launched its first digital store in Malaysia recently. Pretty cool!

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