Guys, McDonald's Nasi Lemak Burger Is Finally Available Here In Malaysia!

It's available for a limited time starting today.

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Sometime last year, we found out our neighbours across the Causeway were being treated to the first ever Nasi Lemak Burger. Needless to say, we were SHOOK.

A number of Malaysian eateries have offered their own interpretation since then but if you're curious to know how the original version tastes like, here's the good news: McDonald's has just launched the burger for us Malaysian peeps!

McDonald's Malaysia Chief Marketing Officer, Melati Abdul Hai, officiating the Nasi Lemak Burger launch.

Image via McDonald's

Inspired by nasi lemak flavours, the burger comprises of a coconut-flavoured chicken thigh patty coated with crunchy cornflakes, fried egg, caramelised onions, cucumber slices and sambal

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Speaking at the launch event on 25th April 2018, Melati shared that the sambal was paid special attention to, knowing our nation's fierce love for this spicy sauce.

We decided to put it to the test. The verdict:

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The sambal ended up being our favourite part: it's generously slabbed on (which is the only way to have sambal tbh) and the taste is pretty spot-on!

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The chicken patty tastes pretty good as well, with its hint of coconut, though the cornflakes crust was lacking that satisfying crunch. A bite of the burger, complete with the chicken, sambal, cucumber, egg, and onions, does evoke a nasi lemak vibe but we gotta say - it felt a little incomplete without the kacang and ikan bilis

The burger is available for a limited time only starting today at all McDonald's outlets nationwide, so if you're curious to know how it's like, grab one for yourself!

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The Nasi Lemak Burger is available at RM14.95 for ala carte and RM16.95 for a regular set meal, which includes French Fries and 100PLUS.

Will you be trying it soon? Share your reviews in the comments!

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