McDonald's Is Back With Another New Burger And A Strawberry Custard Pie

This time all the way from Mexico. Hola amigos!

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McDonald's has been coming up with some pretty cool stuff in the past few months, and they're back with more! So, what's with this new burger that people are talking about?

That's right! As much as we'd love to see a nasi kandar chicken burger, it's the Mexicana Chicken Burger we're talking about

Image via McDonald's

The Mexicana Chicken Burger is actually a part of McDonald's annual Discover the World campaign. Earlier last month, we got to try the Rio Burger. This time around, it's all about experiencing the explosive flavours of Mexico!

This initiative by McDonald's is to really give Malaysians a chance to taste the unique flavours of regions outside Malaysia. While we may not always get a chance to travel overseas, at least we can get a tiny glimpse of it through the food we eat.

The Mexicana Chicken Burger just launched yesterday, and here are what Malaysians thought about it:

First of all, the bun looks super smooth, almost like baby skin. It's so delicate it even needs an extra layer of paper for protection

Secondly, we aren't quite sure what they put in their special tomato mayo and tangy jalapeño sauce, but it sure sounds yummy

Thirdly, don't tell us you aren't hungry after seeing this...

Image via McDonald's

Luckily for you, the Mexicana Chicken Burger is now available in McDonald's outlets across Malaysia. So go ahead, give it a try, and tell us what you think in the comments below.

If you're wondering how much it costs, the Mexicana Chicken Burger is priced at RM12.50 for ala carte and RM15.95 for a medium set with a drink and fries.

For all of you who rindu McDonald's strawberry-flavoured soft serves, they're also back for a limited time

Image via McDonald's

And for pie fans, McDonald's has released an all-new dual filling pie

Image via McDonald's

That sure looks delicious, but just remember to take it slow so you don't burn your mouth in the process

Image via Buzzfeed

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