Watching Your First Movie And 17 Other Childhood Memories We'll Remember FOREVER

Oh, how simple things were back then.

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1. Standing by the door, waiting for the roti man to pass by your house

2. Walking to the neighbourhood kedai runcit with the pocket money you saved up

3. Buying ice-cream and snacks outside your school, but your mum must never find out

4. The biggest dramas in your social lives back then were friending and unfriending friends

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5. Not being able to wake up on time for school everyday

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6. But can get up super early in the morning on weekends like clockwork to catch the cartoons

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7. Dozing off in the car/bas/uncle van on the way to and back from school

8. The most horrific and intense queue as a kid - waiting your turn for the injection

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9. Comparing recess food with your friends

10. Spending hours in the stationery store shopping for your school supplies

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11. Standing and waiting for your ride home in the school bus stop that is forever in bad shape

12. Never wanting to leave the first time and each time after that when your parents bring you to a theme park

Genting outdoor theme park.

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Genting indoor theme park.

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13. Watching your first movie with wide eyes at the cinema

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14. The agonisingly slow two-finger typing when you're first learning your ways with the computer keyboard

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15. When you are finally allowed to make phone calls

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16. Loving the jingles on TV so much you could memorise them

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17. When you went to the zoo for the first time, full of amazement

18. That feeling like it's the best day of your life watching your first ever live performance

What are some of your most nostalgic childhood memories?

Is it watching your favourite cartoons, waiting for the roti man, missing the school bus, or something else? :)

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If you have kids of your own, or maybe nieces and nephews, share that sense of wonder you experienced when you were little

Don't underestimate the power of how one memory of joy can stick with a kid well into adulthood. They will always have you to thank!