[VIDEO] Mercedes-Benz's New In-Car Display Looks Stunning And Includes A Virtual Assistant

You can talk to your car just like you're talking to a friend.

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The all-new Mercedes-Benz A-Class will be arriving in Malaysia on 19 October 2018

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And there's more than one reason to be excited about it.

The main highlight is the brand-new infotainment system, called the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience)

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The MBUX in Mercedes-Benz's new A-Class features a 10.25-inch touchscreen display (or a dual 10.25-inch setup in the highest spec). You can customise the display to showcase information relevant to you.

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Besides controlling it via the touchscreen, you can also control what you see using the touchpad on the centre console or the touch-control buttons on the steering wheels. The whole experience is natural and intuitive, which means you can drive without having to go out of your way to reach for a specific button.

But there's also another way you can be in control—your voice

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What really sets the MBUX apart is its virtual driving assistant feature. You can talk to your car just like you're talking to a friend, and even ask for directions, control your ambient lighting, or find nearby restaurants.

The AI integration makes Mercedes-Benz's infotainment system one of the smartest ones out there, allowing it to comprehend natural human speech. That's why the MBUX will feel like an extension of you, more than just another fancy feature.

Watch the video below to find out more about Mercedes-Benz's A-Class and the MBUX:

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