[VIDEO] Millennials Try Babysitting For A Day Part 2

This time, with older kids! :O

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The last time we were challenged to babysit for a day, we spent a day taking care of babies at home

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We thought it would be easy to hang out with babies for a day. All we had to do was feed them, play with them, change their diapers, and get them to take a nap. Little did we know that doing all that would be way more challenging than expected! :O

So, we were understandably nervous when Avenue K challenged us to take on an upgraded day of babysitting. Eeeeep!

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Not only were we taking care of older kids this time around (which means they have minds of their own, may or may not listen to us, and can RUN AROUND omg gg), we also had some tasks and challenges to fulfill with them at a couple of locations in Avenue K.

First up, we headed over to SuperPark to try our hand at the Augmented Wall Climb. We had to climb the wall and hit as many virtual bats as possible.

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Then, we had a relay-style Pedal Car Race to see which team would be the fastest to complete two laps

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And finally, the kids were given the task of heading to different restaurants on their own to buy lunch for the adults

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Which team did it best? Did we survive our day of babysitting? Watch the full video to find out:

While taking care of kids can seem like a daunting task, we were grateful to be doing it at a family-friendly mall like Avenue K, which certainly made things a lot easier for us!

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Located on Level 4, SuperPark is a great place to keep your little ones occupied for the day! Split into the Adventure Area, Game Arena, and Freestyle Hall, there are a huge array of family activities available for all ages, so your kids will never be bored. This includes obstacle and climbing walls, trampolines, zip wires, slides, ice skating, indoor sports, and so much more!

Hungry after all that playing? There are over 40 F&B outlets at Avenue K for you to satisfy all your cravings at, ranging from fast food to casual dining. Don't forget to hit the shops for some retail therapy once you're done eating!

Click here for more information on Avenue K.

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