C'mon, Hear Us Out. We Millennials Really Aren't That Bad, We're Just Misunderstood!

Don't let those misconceptions cloud your judgment.

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There are a lot of misconceptions out there about us Millennials (also known as Gen Y) peeps and even some of the younger fellow Gen X. It's about time we debunk some of those misunderstandings!

1. Our 'short attention span' is just us wanting to learn new things all the time

We get chastised a lot for our inability to focus on one thing for a long period of time and getting bored easily. Instead, it can be looked at from a different perspective. We generally like to experience and try new things all the time, and we see it as a way to learn a wide set of skills, whether it be professionally or personally. We're just hungry to learn more about anything and everything! That's not such a bad thing now, is it? ;)

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2. “Millennials only know how to have fun!” Well...

Yup, you caught us! We certainly love to have fun but hey, the phrase “work hard, play hard” exists for a reason, right? Although at times it might seem like we have poor work ethic, but don't let our laidback demeanor fool you. We take pride in what we do. We just prefer to work smart and having flexible working arrangements. Because an overworked and burnt out employee is not an efficient employee.

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3. We're pragmatic, not cynical or pessimistic

We're often seen as cynics and not idealistic enough. Some even go as far to say we have trust issues. But perhaps the more suited word to describe us is pragmatic. There's nothing wrong with taking the realistic approach, weighing out the pros and cons when it comes to options. Nothing compares to the joy of making educated decisions, and not end up in regret.

4. Hey, we're not impatient. We're just go-getters! ;)

True, we can get a bit impatient sometimes but we choose to believe we're go-getters. Growing up in a fast-paced environment, we're taught to always keep going harder, faster and stronger. Good things might come to those who wait, but better things come to those who do.

5. We'd like to think we're highly motivated, not so much spoilt brats

Although we might seem demanding and bratty with our high expectations, we're just highly motivated. With demands, come results! We're not afraid to speak up for wanting better things and we're unapologetic about it. In a workplace, money might be a motivator, but chances to level up in mentoring, career progression and flexibility are higher on the list.

6. You say lazy, we say work smart

Being spoilt with the efficiency of technology in this modern era, it has allowed us to multitask and find shortcuts in almost anything. With all the advancement of tech available at hand, we've become used to being more efficient and productive with less effort. It's not that we're lazy, we just like accomplishing our tasks with the least exertion.

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7. We see ourselves as unique individuals even though we might come off as self-centered

Fine, we admit it, we can get pretty self-absorbed sometimes. But it's because we've been taught the value of individuality and independent thinking. We like to see ourselves as - excuse the cheesiness - special lil snowflakes. You do you, right? :)

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