17 Worst Things To Happen When You Pay For Stuff With Cash

All the coins! There are always so many coins!

Long queues, inefficiency, and small change... Paying with cash can be such a pain!

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But with Visa payWave, all you need to do is tap your card on the terminal to complete your purchase in less than a minute :D

The advanced safety features set up by Visa means that you can checkout quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, without fear of digital pickpocketing.

Now if you've ever paid for something with cash, you will definitely understand these problems:

1. When you line up in the wrong lane

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You've been standing there for 15 minutes only to realise it's credit card only... :(

2. The anxiety you get when your SO leaves you alone in the line to get something they forgot

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You don't have enough cash to pay for all these things?!

3. When someone holds up the queue because they pay in coins

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4. Getting embarrassed because YOU are holding up the queue

5. When you finally reach the register and realise you don't have enough cash to pay

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6. When you scramble to keep your change in your wallet but the cashier is already scanning the next customer's item

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7. Especially when you're still not done packing your groceries!

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8. When your item is RM8.90 but you only have a RM100 note and they don't have change

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9. Or they don't give you back your 5 sen change because they assume you don't want it...

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It's the principle that matters!

10. When you have exact change but they have already punched in your amount

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And they don't want to accept your coins because "dah key in" so they hand you a fistful of change and you're left with even more coins.

11. When they run out of coins so you have to wait forever for them to open up a new roll of coins, and you're just like, "Is this all worth it?"

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12. Or they run out of receipt paper

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13. When something goes wrong and they have to call the manager to open the cash drawer

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14. Dropping coins from your wallet

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And having to pick them up one-by-one with a line of people behind you...

15. When you have way too many coins in your wallet and your bag weighs a tonne

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16. Not being able to keep track of expenses because you pay in small notes and coins

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17. Your wallet has more receipts than cash :(

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Can you relate? Once you move over to cashless payment, you won't wanna go back.

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With Visa payWave, it takes less than a minute to checkout! And if you're worried about digital pickpocketing, don't be. Here's why:

Visa payWave has extensive security features that will prevent digital pickpocketing and keep your account safe:

- Scanners must be within 4cm of your card, making it close to impossible for anyone to scan your card through your bag and wallet.
- Multiple cards will confuse the scanner further.
- Counterfeit cards cannot be scanned as each Visa payWave card comes with a secure ship that identifies each card as genuine when used.
- Even if a thief had your card number and expiry date, they still need your 3-digit CVV number located at the back of the card, plus a one-time verified password sent to your phone.

Also, payments through your phone are just as secure. Using secure payment technology, Visa removes sensitive account information from your phone so no one can have access to your account.

Find out more here!

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Improve your shopping experience and get what you want faster with Visa payWave now!

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