Here Are The Most & Least In-Demand Jobs In Malaysia In 2024

The demand for jobs in the information technology (IT) sector has tripled in the past year!

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As the popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues to soar, the professional landscape in 2024 has experienced significant shifts, fundamentally transforming the nature of work across various industries

In an interview with the New Straits Times, Malaysian Employers Federation president Datuk Dr Syed Hussain Syed Husman said that positions in AI, machine learning, data science, and cybersecurity are experiencing high demand in 2024.

Meanwhile, Jobstreet managing director Vic Sithasanan said the demand for jobs in the information technology (IT) sector has tripled in the past year.

"Industry statistics show digital job vacancies have tripled and the industry with the highest increase in median salary is computer and IT, according to the JobStreet Salary Guide 2023," he said.

However, the shifts in demand have not been limited to IT-related industries. While the IT sector continues to experience robust growth, other industries have faced a downturn in demand, indicating a broader transformation in the Malaysian job market.

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Here are the top jobs in Malaysia in 2024:

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- Administrative and human resources
- Sales and business development
- Accounting
- Marketing and branding
- IT

Meanwhile, here are jobs that are seeing a significant decline in demand:

- Low-skilled jobs that involve routine tasks
- Retail
- Manual labour in agriculture
- Data entry

Here are five industries that are witnessing rapid growth:

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- Technology and IT
- e-commerce
- Finance and fintech
- Healthcare and biotechnology
- Tourism and hospitality

These industries are seeing changes due to several factors, including the rise of online shopping and e-commerce applications, healthcare services, and tourism activities

To find out more, check out this piece by the New Straits Times.

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