IGOTW: Barista @mr_darcy And His Obsession With All Things Monochrome

This week on IGOTW, barista Joey Mah, or better known as @mr_darcy on Instagram took us on a tour into his melancholic, monochromatic world.

Cover image via Joey Mah's Instagram

As soon as you search for @mr_darcy on Instagram, you'll notice two things

1. That he has a whopping 49.2k followers
2. That his photos are mostly in shades of grey

The shades of grey in his photos are a representation of emotion and empathy

With 49k followers stalking his account, it proves that his photos are saying something. They may speak about something funny, moving, sad, or thoughtful. They might capture a mood, or put viewers in a state of contemplation.

So, who is the man behind @mr_darcy? We got to know him a little better last weekend and selected some of our favourite photos.

His real name is Joey Mah, a Malaysian coffee barista

He got into the Instagram game about 3 to 4 years ago

Interestingly enough, Joey doesn't see himself as a photographer

Dark and neutral colours are a representation of who Joey is as a person. He is moody, he says.

Photos by @mr_darcy are taken by his trusty iPhone, and Instagram filters are his favourite

He also revealed to us that the key to achieving perfect lighting is patience - he once waited for 3 long hours just for good lighting

"Keep practicing and shooting," Joey says

Joey's favourite photos include a 'random moment' shot at a cafe and another we thought was a vector image on a movie poster at first glance

Beautiful lights. It was a random moment when I was in a cafe.

Sometimes moments look better in monochrome.


More stunning monochrome goodness from Joey

Allusring to say the least...

Joey has over 49k followers on Instagram. He uploads photos throughout the week, with an average of 1,500 likes per post.

For more monochrome photos, follow Joey here.

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